SEAT Leon Cupra R price announced

Alright, we'll cut to the chase immediately, before anybody gets cross: the Leon Cupra R costs £35K. £34,995 to be precise, which by our reckoning makes it the most expensive SEAT ever made. That said it is also the most powerful and most probably the rarest SEAT ever as well, though there can't have been many Toledo V5s sold. Or V6 Alhambras, come to think of it...

Black might work better, yes?
Black might work better, yes?
Anyway, the official line from SEAT on announcement of the Cupra R's price is that just 24 of the 799 global will initially be allocated to the UK. That seems a bit stingy given the UK's famously voracious appetite for anything hot and hatchbacked, so let's see if that number is revised in future.

Customers over here will be able to choose between Monsoon Grey and Midnight Black paint without cost, while every car will have a numbered plaque inside too. For the UK the car will be manual-only, as well.

This one is down to £17K now...
This one is down to £17K now...
Further standard equipment confirmed for the 310hp Cupra R includes keyless entry and wireless phone charging, heated front seats, a Safety Pack, a BeatsAudio sound system and SEAT's 'Navigation System High'; perhaps not crucial equipment for a performance flagship, but it is all additional to the standard Cupra 300 spec and so will explain some of the price difference.

Customers can order a Cupra R right now, with first deliveries in January. Whether it can match the Civic Type R and Focus RS is a question we're desperate to answer as soon as possible. Until then, now seems like as good a time as any to point out that the most expensive Cupra in the PH classifieds is £10K less than a Cupra R, albeit without a Performance Pack. More on the R to follow!

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Comments (36) Join the discussion on the forum

  • culpz 14 Nov 2017

    24 of them for the UK seems about right, seeing as the Cupra R moniker is now ruined, with this new model. It's like they've forgotten what the badge means and stands for. All this does is make the standard Cupra 300 look like terrific value and this just some overpriced, ugly garbage.

    A real shame. R.I.P.

  • IanCress 14 Nov 2017

    Doesn't seem special enough to warrant the price. Exclusive I guess, but can't imagine anyone would be that bothered about missing out.

  • nickfrog 14 Nov 2017

    I think it's priced on the "strenght" of the limited supply. If the UK has only been allocated 24 and Seat UK feel that they will all sell at that price then why price it lower ?

  • IanCress 14 Nov 2017

    Then when they've sold all 24 at full price, they'll release another 500 to the UK market!

    DIdn't another car manufacturer pull that trick? Maybe Renault with the original Clio V6?

  • Cupramax 14 Nov 2017

    Crazy pricing, aren't SEAT supposed to be VW's budget performance brand? I had an original mk1 Cupra R, which from memory was £16,995, it was a veritable bargain at the time, that equates to around £26k in today's money.

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