TOTD: Awkward looking coupes

There has been a somewhat heated discussion in the PH office about the Ferrari 456. A few say that it is somewhat blobby whilst others think it is a beautiful car. And the 456, depending on your perspective, ties in well for today's thread of the day - awkward looking coupes.

The OP states there have been a few ugly coupes over the years with the Volvo 262C, Jensen Interceptor and Maserati Karif being his top three. This thread is only a few days old and PHers haven't held back in voicing their opinions. Few can apparently argue with Rolls-Royce's Camargue, with one PHer saying, "Time has done nothing to diminish its ugliness."

The Mini coupe has been likened to a man wearing a backwards cap and the Panther Solo reminds one PHer of a dog meme... What are the most awkward coupes you have seen? Let us know here.