Video: PH Drives The Mugen Civic Type R

A trip to Japan isn't necessarily a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the chance to go out and drive a Mugen-tuned Honda Civic Type R prototype - before anybody else in the world- is.

So when PH got the call from Honda we - rather obviously - said yes please, trying not to sound too over-excited. Honda also asked us if we would like to bring a PHer along - another no-brainer.

Said lucky PHer was competition winner Nick Ashby, who flew out with Riggers to Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. You can read our track test of the Mugen Civic Type R here, but this video is the story of Nick's Japanese odyssey.

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  • Garlick 11 Aug 2009

    Whatever you think of the looks, that car sounds very nice indeed.

    Not sure about the puppy shop though frown

  • deevlash 11 Aug 2009

    it looks better in the film than it did in the pictures, the wheels are still too small though. Now onto the serious questions, do they really have vending machines with schoolgirls used knickers in Japan then?

  • Stuart 11 Aug 2009

    Riggers was given explicit instructions not to return without said item Deevlash, but not only has he not obliged, he's also made some sort of complaint to HR about inappropriate requests from management. Unbelievable.

  • exceed 11 Aug 2009

    I'm impressed, I think the car definitely is on par (if not better!) than the RS and R26-R. And that's shocking as I hate VTEC and most honda's seem far too boring/weak for me! I think I could live with this one, only thing is the price...

  • deevlash 11 Aug 2009

    doesnt this honda cost way more than an r26 r though? Does the honda still have a torsion bar at the back?

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