Wiesmann back in business!

While definitely a niche player, even in the rarefied world of six-figure sports cars, there was always a lot to like about Wiesmann. Using BMW engines, including one or two M units, guaranteed strong performance, while the handling was pretty sharp too. Combine that with unmistakeable styling - we'll let you decide whether it's good or not - and the cars offered something quite different in a pretty busy market.

Er, perhaps not our first choice of colour..
Er, perhaps not our first choice of colour..
Therefore the news of its demise was sad to report, but now Wiesmann is to return! Autocar is reporting a deal struck with BMW to use an M Division V8 - i.e. the 4.4-litre twin-turbo from the M5 - in more than one new model, with production beginning next year.

"In the pre-development phase, which has now been concluded, we worked together extremely well and we are delighted to be able to collaborate with our reliable top partner BMW Group," said CEO Mario Spitzner. 2018 will mark 25 years of the BMW and Wiesmann alliance, so it's certainly an opportune moment to launch a new model.

Sadly we don't know exactly what the car will be, though it's a story we'll be following with interest. The cars were always fantastically exciting beforehand, so let's hope that can continue into the new era. And if you can't wait that long, a few Wiesmanns can be found lurking in the PH classifieds - this one has the old M5 V10 in it...

[Source: Autocar]

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  • skylarking808 12 Oct 2017

    An older Wiesmann Coupe may be my ultimate car.

    Glad that retro M engined cars may be back.

  • adl14 12 Oct 2017

    I saw a blacked out Weissman roadster in Mayfair yesterday, they are glorious in the flesh (metal?)

  • Ho Lee Kau 12 Oct 2017

    Fantastic news!

  • Paddy78 12 Oct 2017

    Always loved these. Would have one over the new TVR any day of the week! getmecoat

  • f1ten 12 Oct 2017

    The coupe is in my top 5 want badly list. Love them

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