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Abt Audi RS4 previewed ahead of Geneva

Not as fast as that RS5-R, but would you just look at it?

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The very first comment on our recent

read: "So doing the same to the RS4 Avant is not beyond the likely. Look forward to that." Well today is your lucky day, Mr Smilo996, because here is the latest Abt Audi RS4. Looks good, doesn't it?

Note, however, that this is not an RS4-R, and as such does not boast the 530hp and 509lb ft of the RS5. Instead, as a plain old Abt RS4, it makes do with 510hp - the same as an AMG C63 S - and 443lb ft, thanks to a new Abt Engine Control unit. It's described by Abt as continuously adjusting, "more than 25 parameters, ensuring the optimum use of power in connection with the direct communication between the AEC and the engine control unit." Expect a few tenths off the key acceleration sprints, though nothing has been confirmed by Abt yet.

The tweaks are modest elsewhere, Abt offering a new range of wheels for this RS4 and new anti-roll bars. That being said, CEO Hans-Jurgen Abt said the tuner will be bringing a "little surprise" to Geneva, the press release stating that this, "is by far not the end of the road in terms of performance." So could this mean an even faster RS4? Perhaps it could be Abt's take on the RS6, taking it beyond even the

? Maybe Abt is going down

, and creating a new car that looks quite a lot like an old one - who wouldn't fancy something which looked like a B5 RS4 but had 500hp? We'll find out in a few weeks...



[Source: Abt]

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