Audi RS6 gets 705hp Nogaro Edition

Lucky Germans. Not only do they boast the highest trade surplus in the world, tuition-free university education and a frequently derestricted motorway network, they've also got the Audi RS6 Avant Nogaro Edition. And that's pretty cool, too.

It is cool because there will only be 150 of them and as they signify the winding up of the RS6's production run, they come with a monstrous spec. First, there is the paint job which lends the car its name. Nogaro blue - in case you're new to cars - is an homage to colour that the original RS2 came in. Therefore it is the best. (Or you can have it in black, which slightly ruins it.)

Secondly, there is the interior, which has been treated to vast swathes of honeycomb quilting and Alcantara and Valcona leather and black suede and other materials that no small child should ever be allowed to touch. Thirdly there are desirable, stuck-on components: 21-inch wheels, adaptive air suspension, ceramic brakes and the titanium exhaust are all listed as standard.

Thirdly, there is the powertrain, which comes in the 605hp Performance pack variety - meaning that you get 3.7 second 0-62mph acceleration and a top speed of 189mph. However (fourthly) Ingolstadt has realised that even that level of progress probably isn't sufficient for the Nogaro Edition's 150 customers, and has therefore enlisted the help of ABT Sportsline to optionally take the 4.0-litre TFSI's output to 705hp. And 649lb ft of torque.

Audi doesn't specify how long this version takes to get to the national limit, but does breezily confirm that it will manage 199mph. Which is rather a lot for a two-tonne estate car, even one of the RS persuasion. Of course all this comes at a vast price. In the UK, the most powerful RS6 costs around £88k - in Nogaro Edition spec, in Germany - without the power boost you're going to really want - it's €130k.

The car is on sale now. So expect to see one in the PH classifieds in about six months, listed at a vastly higher price. If we're lucky.

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  • ash73 05 Feb 2018

    Fabulous! cloud9

  • Kenny Powers 05 Feb 2018

    Best car in the world.

  • ForZiE23 05 Feb 2018

    Looks a right beast and some impressive numbers!

  • Lord_Howit_Hertz 05 Feb 2018

    That will do nicely thanks!

    Impressive numbers, 2 tonnes knocking on 200mph laughlaugh

  • ZX10R NIN 05 Feb 2018

    Very nice the interior is a bit strong smile

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