Honda unveils Sports EV Concept

Honda has unveiled the second model based on its new electric car platform, a sporty sibling to the Urban EV.

We loved that car for its retro styling, with strong first gen Civic overtones, and from the 119 comments the story received, you agreed.

Opinion on this is likely to be a little more divided. Honda claims it possesses, "a striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces, all designed to ensure the car blends into any lifestyle." It's certainly a classic two seater coupe from the rear three-quarters, all aggressive haunches and slopey glass. From the front, however, things are perhaps a little less resolved; there's a definite Toyota 2000GT vibe from the long bonnet and enclosed headlight design though.

Whilst electrification is more easily accepted in a city car like the Urban EV, no doubt many will find the idea of it in a sports coupe a harder pill to swallow - particularly from the company which gave us that powertrain.

The torque-based benefits of battery power are well known, but there are no performance figures or specs as yet. Just the assurance that the Sports EV will provide "a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive." With the Urban EV not entering production until 2019 though, we'll likely have to wait till next decade to find out if Honda can make good on that promise.



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  • loudlashadjuster 25 Oct 2017

    How can a company that come up with this also be responsible for the atrocity that is the latest Civic Type-R?

    Hoping this heralds a new direction for Honda design, which used to be the last word in reserved purpose.

  • HeMightBeBanned 25 Oct 2017

    I love it. I wish Honda's current lineup had such unfussy designs. They're a complete mish-mash of vents, slashes and lines which make them into a poorly-resolved mess. Their two recent EV concepts are a model of elegant simplicity. Please make them real, Honda.

  • bassett 25 Oct 2017

    2nd pic could almost be a Corrado and mk1 golf gti.

  • stuckmojo 25 Oct 2017

    Very nice. One has to assume the electric motor is in the back, right?

  • PhantomPH 25 Oct 2017

    Great looking thing.

    That being said, if Honda were to put the hatchback into production looking exactly like that, I'd put my deposit down today. I think that's a fantastic little thing and would be ideal for my short commute each day. Really reminds me of a Mk1 Golf.

    Sadly, I don't expect production models to look anything like those those vehicles we see above. (Porsche Mission-E, I'm looking at you....)

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