Mini JCW GP concept - Frankfurt 2017

Those people who want a track focused Mini buy a Challenge, right? Cup 2s, Nitron adjustable suspension, bigger brakes - it's a proper little circuit weapon, even if it is quite an expensive one.

Seemingly that's not enough for Mini, which is an attitude to admire if it results in a production version of this wild JCW GP Concept. A genuine GP1 and GP2 successor, perhaps? And that's not a far-fetched fantasy either, the official press material stating that the Frankfurt show car offers "a genuine foretaste of an extremely dynamic serial production model." Intriguing.

So, what's new? Well the 'because racecar' vibe is fairly evident from the off, this Concept boasting bigger wheels, bigger brakes and much more aggressive aero than ever seen before on a Mini. Perhaps it's the not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but that should really be a secondary concern for a racer...

Mini says the car "conveys spontaneous readiness... constantly able to demonstrate its race track suitability while at the same time reaching a new level of excellence in terms of driving fun in day-to-day traffic." While specifics are limited at this stage - it is still a concept - the car has a turbocharged engine and suspension "designed for used on the race track". Remember that the Mini is rare in its class for using a 2.0-litre engine; with the JCW producing 231hp - and most 2.0-litre hot hatches now at 300hp and beyond - you would have to assume there's the potential to yield more power from it.

Track car by summer, Mr Plow in the winter!
Track car by summer, Mr Plow in the winter!
This GP concept makes do with just two seats, a clear nod to the previous GP Minis. The pair up front sit in two bucket seats, with a roll cage and "puristically designed cockpit" too, including a new head-up display. The suspension can be adjusted by the central touchscreen, meaning no ungainly fiddling on your hands and knees for tweaks like the Challenge.

Whether Mini would really produce a car this focused, this racy, this... carbony remains to be seen, but there's clear intent in the GP Concept. And it's a hell of a lot more interesting than the electric Mini concept that's also at Frankfurt. Mini GP3? Bring it on!


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  • Fetchez la vache 06 Sep 2017

    Oh, I do hope it has "MINI" in 1 foot tall letters when it comes to production...

  • Tuvra 06 Sep 2017

    I'd be interested in one.

  • David87 06 Sep 2017

    Cool rear lamps. Otherwise? Hmm...

  • nickfrog 06 Sep 2017

    I predict that most comments will be about how it looks.

  • loose cannon 06 Sep 2017

    It's ugly and looks nothing like a mini
    And why do they keep making mini rear lights so big they look ridiculous, the original BMW mini was ok since then they have all looked pants
    Sorry bmw I think it looks pap

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