Porsche 'Project Gold' 993 911 Turbo: Update!

UPDATE - 23.08.18

We're just three days away from the Pebble Beach reveal of Porsche's hotly anticipated 'Project Gold' - a resto-modded 993 911 Turbo - so to whet our appetites, the Stuttgart car maker has released a new teaser video.

Filmed at Porsche Classic, where specialist engineers work on the brand's vintage models, the car recieves a rebuilt engine, wiring loom and a lick of gold exterior paint, the quality of which hints at the high specification of the finished car.

Porsche is yet to put out any official details about the car, but our guess is it'll be something rather spectacular and could signal the beggining of a restoration and modification service for classic Porsches. Watch out Singer...



PorscheClassic looks to be cooking up something rather special in the basement at Stuttgart, with the main ingredient for its just announced ‘Project Gold’ apparently being a 993 911 Turbo. While no specific details of the division’s newest programme have been revealed yet, Porsche’s historic arm has flaunted the detailed design work that will be involved in the car’s creation with four videos.

Each suggests that the car, likely to be shown later this month at the Monterey Car Week in California in what is the brand’s 70th year, could be an in-house alternative to resto-modded Porsches produced by high-end firms like Singer. If it were, there’s good chance Project Gold will come as the first of several projects because, well, there are lots of rich people out there who want custom-built classic Porsches.

So what’s Project Gold going to be like? Well, as this is an in-house project, swe can expect any changes made to the car’s exterior design to be evolutionary at the most - although a bare 993 body featured in one video reveals that the work will be all encompassing. The interior is set to get a re-trim as well, with footage of a seat getting a new leather skin illustrating the changes due there.

We’re expecting a similar scenario for the all-wheel drive 993 Turbo’s engine, a blown 3.6-litre flat six producing 408hp, which will probably receive modest enhancements that ensure it stays true to its original, almost turbo lag free, form.

Either way, whatever rolls out of the Porsche Classic basement and into the wider world later this month is sure to represent the very best in craftsmanship, design and engineering. Question is, how will it compare to the meticulous work of Singer?




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  • David87 10 Aug 2018

    I can’t wait to not be able to buy one of these.

  • harrykul 10 Aug 2018

    No rear spoiler though, so perhaps n/a???

  • Gameface 10 Aug 2018

    What's a rest-mod?

  • Midgster 10 Aug 2018

    Gameface said:
    What's a rest-mod?
    A Restoration with Modifications (the modifications are with new modern parts)

    I thought the word was Restomod myself

  • Gameface 10 Aug 2018

    It is resto-mod.

    It's just another article that's not been proof read on PH.

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