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BMW M2 CS spied with manual gearbox

Our first sighting of a CS's cabin confirms speculation regarding three pedals

By Sam Sheehan / Monday, March 18, 2019

It’s the news M division aficionados have been waiting for: BMW’s M2 CS looks set to come with a manual gearbox as standard, as shown by new pictures of the upcoming coupe’s cabin. And yes, while it has long been speculated that BMW’s M department would provide its reworked M2 with three pedals, today’s sighting marks the first time we have hard evidence ahead of its 2019 launch.

Of course, the six-speed manual will not be the only choice – expect the seven-speed automatic DCT to remain an option for those who prefer their cogs controlled via a dual-clutch gearbox and steering wheel mounted paddles. But the manual’s standard fitment points to a continued confidence from BMW that people buying even its most honed cars aren’t quite done with a clutch to press and lever to wiggle. Around 15 per cent of M2 Competition sales are for the manual, but the CS could see a more significant portion given its status.

It certainly should give the M2 CS potential to become one of Bavaria’s most involving models yet, particularly when we consider it’s due with extensive chassis and weight saving enhancements – as outlined in earlier stories – and an S55 inline six boosted to a rumoured 445hp.

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