Lotus wishes fans a Merry Driftmas

Lotus's products are known more for their razor sharp handling and dynamic prowess than their hoonability. Nonetheless the company has declared itself to be looking sideways rather than back over the past year, with the release of its very own Gymkhana-esque video.

With a Christmas tree somehow affixed to the rear deck, an Evora GT410 Sport slides its way around the company's Hethel HQ as effortlessly as you'd expect a 416hp, rear-wheel drive sports car from Norfolk to. A couple of Lotus stars make guest appearances, including 007's very own Esprit, a Lotus 72 F1 car and the famous Lotus 108 Pursuit Bike. All with the aim of wishing all of the marque's fans a Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year...

Check out the full video below!


P.H. O'meter

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  • Itsallicanafford 19 Dec 2018

    ...nice work lotus, although he very nearly collected that fence at the end

  • Ikobo 19 Dec 2018

    He sure did, it was close! biggrin

    Man I love Lotus, might be time for another in the new year, been two years without one now.

  • richs2891 19 Dec 2018

    Ha ha very good and a nice nod to the Bond Lotus and the JPS F1 car

  • wab172uk 19 Dec 2018

    Enjoyed that !

  • Piers_K 19 Dec 2018

    Yet another re hash of the same old 18th century Christmas tree design, isn't it about time they updated it to compete with more modern trees.. etc.. etc.

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