Promoted: Hyundai i30 N - From Track To Road

The Hyundai i30 N - which was declared a Game Changer in the 2018 Autocar Awards - was born and honed on the track, but this was just one part of Hyundai's compelling drive to make an outstanding performance hatch for all-round everyday driving.

Hyundai also went to great lengths to test the i30 N on everyday British roads in order to make sure it worked in the real world. That's why, as well as using science to explain how the i30 N thrilled a group of PistonHeads hot hatch enthusiasts on-track, we also gave the i30 N to a couple of PistonHeaders to get their impressions on the twisty B-roads of North Wales.


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Developed on-track
With up to 275PS and 353Nm of torque from its 2.0-litre turbo engine, an in-car adjustable Electronically Controlled Suspension, and an advanced Electronic Limited Slip Differential that was specially engineered by Hyundai for N Performance models, it has always been clear that the i30 N has the track-honed tech under its skin to deliver the performance credentials that matter.

On-track testing was key to the i30 N's development. It was born at Namyang, Hyundai's R&D facility in South Korea, and honed at the Nรผrburgring, with over 420 laps of the challenging 13-mile Nordschleife layout - the equivalent of 110,000 miles of severe driving - in just four weeks.

That produced a chassis and engine that are electrifying to drive on-track, as well as being fun and engaging to drive on twisty B-roads. But, to truly live up to the 'performance hatch' tag, the i30 N had to also be easy and refined to drive on long trips - comfortable, practical, and packed with all of the in-car tech that you'd expect in a modern hatchback.

Refined for the road
As you'd expect from a Hyundai, the i30 N is incredibly well equipped. Up front, there's a large 8" touchscreen with sat-nav and smartphone connectivity for music and phone calls via USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There's even a wireless charging pad for compatible devices.

Little touches such as cruise control, automatic windscreen wipers and LED headlights with smart high beam make everyday driving easier and safer, while modern driving aids such as Lane Keep Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking add an extra layer of ease and confidence to road driving.

Finally, at the start and end of every journey, parking sensors with a reversing camera, and smart keyless entry make even the slow-speed stuff simple. All combined with a practical rear load space that offers 381-litres with the rear seats up, it makes the i30 N the perfect car for both track days and road trips.



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  • Onehp 07 Jun 2018

    Where is the vid?

    Edit: there it is.

    Edited by Onehp on Friday 8th June 10:36

  • cossers 08 Jun 2018

    Front end is very like the rs focus, in fact the whole car looks similar

  • Addymk2 08 Jun 2018

    cossers said:
    Front end is very like the rs focus, in fact the whole car looks similar
    It looks good in Ford Nitrous Blue as well.

  • minismithy90 08 Jun 2018

    Guy I know has one of these, in that Colour too. Looks fantastic with so much road presence.

  • J4CKO 08 Jun 2018

    Thats me in the middle, had a great day, it is a bloody brilliant piece of kit, very engaging and plenty quick enough (you have to rev it)

    We were invited as we are target market for the car, I bought an M135i a month or so after which is a great car but I feel the Hyundai is more fun, it feels, in N mode, very sporty and makes all sorts of rude noises, but they dont feel contrived like some cars.

    I wanted an auto for my commute and there weren't any I30N's in my budget (hardly any for sale at that point), my old TT was giving me agro so had to get a car but would have one in heartbeat.

    Dont get me wrong, the BMW is great but its not as gregarious (in standard form) as the Hyundai, I am ambivalent to which wheels are driven as long as I enjoy it, it puts its power down well as it has an LSD (Take note BMW...) I think the BMW is quicker, but I really cant say that its noticeable or whether it matters.

    I was skeptical but went with an open mind, I thought it may be, like in the past where one manufacturer sees what another is doing and goes through a check list of stuff that defines a hot hatch, then ends up with a dogs dinner, Hyundai nailed it, a Golf GTI is the main competitor, it has nice, tartan seats, but I preferred this in every other way with its earthy charm.

    I think it should do well, if people can get past the badge, I think proper enthusiasts who know a good thing when they see it will realise its credibility, whether the badge obsessed public will, I dont know. I am aware of the Irony inherent when I have just bought a BMW but I bought it for other reasons, so nerr.

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