Clive Sutton launches Mustang configurator app

How many of us have spent far too long configuring a perfect car? There's no judging here, as it's very easily done - configurators are better than ever, and options are more plentiful, so why not? Double screening of an evening is what all the kids do, anyway...

The latest configurator creation is from Clive Sutton, which has launched an app for Apple and Android to make your ideal modified Mustang. It covers everything, including performance, paint, exhaust, wheels, suspension, lots of interior trim options and more. All par for the course, you might imagine; however, the CS app is different in offering a test track simulation for your unique Mustang. So, obviously, we had to give it go...

The green and gold PH special you see here was pretty nicely rendered the app, even if a few of the details like wheels and exhausts weren't great. The test track sim isn't bad, either; we wouldn't use it to decide whether your V8 needs 700hp or 800hp, but it's good fun to see your creation skidding around a circuit. And desperately trying to beat personal bests.

Of course the idea is that your configurator creation will be the real-life Mustang of your dreams from Sutton. To that end the app allows customers to submit designs direct to Sutton Bespoke (as well as just on social media), with responses coming from their specialists about costs and potential further work. Don't blame us if it ends up expensive...

Anyway, the app is available to download now for Android here and Apple here - rather entertaining it is, too. We'd recommend the KW suspension for proper stance, the GT350 interior parts and a custom paint job. Feel free to share your very best (or worst) creations below; and if creativity isn't striking, don't forget that Clive Sutton already has a pretty awesome Mustang for sale...


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