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Czinger 21C claims 1.9 seconds to 62mph | Update

Californian hypercar gets 1,250hp hybrid powertrain

By PH Staff / Monday, February 17, 2020

Last week we brought you news of an all-new supercar, built in California and said to be "an extreme hybrid for the 21st century." The Czinger (it's Zinger... the C is silent) 21C makes use of cutting-edge production techniques, including additive manufacturing/3D-printing, to create a machine which its maker believes represents "an evolutionary leap in performance vehicle creation."

And, with a full reveal set for Geneva in two weeks' time, the manufacturer has seen fit to release a couple of numbers to back up its claim. A whopping 1,250hp from the car's proprietary, in-house designed hybrid powertrain kicks things off rather nicely, while a 0-62 time of just 1.9 seconds finishes them in mic-dropping style. Add to that features like a fighter jet-style two person in-line seating configuration and a driver-focussed set-up, and you can colour us intrigued.

Following up on the initial road-based video, a new clip shows the 21C both blasting down Alameda Naval Base's deserted airstrip by day and prowling along it at night - looking mightily impressive in both situations, it must be said. While the Czinger's evolutionary billing may not suggest the next Pagani, Koenigsegg or Rimac, then, there's certainly more than enough to be excited about here. We'll be awaiting full details at Geneva with appropriate levels of additive manufactured anticipation.

Original story: 13/02/2020

A new car brand from California is vying for attention at Geneva with its first offering: an all-new, ground-up supercar that uses a hybrid powerplant developed completely in house. The Czinger 21C, which has been previewed in a shadowy teaser video ahead of its public debut, uses a 3D printed body sporting a prototype-aping dome roof, fixed rear wing and a central seating position, as well as central lock wheels and carbon ceramic brakes. From what we can see, it looks pretty spectacular.

We've little doubt that those aforementioned ingredients are there to cater for proper track work, but the video shows the car being driven at steady pace along Cali's Bixby Bridge and Pacific Coast Highway, so obviously it's road legal, too. Czinger won't budge on powertrain specifics, but the noise would suggest a flat-plane turbocharged V8 isn't out of the question. The audio during the onboard shot in particular has a certain McLareness about it; although rest assured that the engine is all-new. As is the gearbox.

This being a supercar developed for 2020, we're expecting high a three figure or even four figure power output, sub three second 0-62mph time and probably a lot of downforce. But what really makes this car stand out to us is that central driving position, which looks to place a second passenger immediately behind. Anyone to have driven a car with a central steering wheel will know the inherent benefits provided to your ability to place the car on a road, not to mention the balance. Flashes of carbonfibre and exotic metals suggest the 21C's weight has been kept well in check.

Czinger - named after its founder - is a new brand but it's clearly hoping to hit the ground running. Startup supercar companies have a tendency to fall by the wayside quicker than election promises - but with a working car and the promise of more information ahead of the car's showing, we look forward to hearing more...

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