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Ford Mustang supercharged to 760hp by Roush

US tuner's phase two 'charger kit edges 5.0-litre to within 10hp of the flat-plane 5.2-powered GT500

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, January 22, 2020

If you're a Mustang owner yearning GT500-level power on a (relative) budget, US tuner Roush has you covered with its latest supercharger kit, which tunes the car's 5.0-litre V8 to produce 750 American horsepower. That's 760 metric hp, just 11hp fewer than the Shelby-tuned GT500 with its supercharged 5.2-litre flat-plane crank motor - and it's accompanied by 670lb ft of eight-cylinder twist. Better still, the kit is compatible with the six-speed manual as well as the automatic gearbox - something Shelby's auto-only monster cannot claim to be.

At the heart of the phase two kit is an Eaton TVS R265 superhcharger, which blows through high-flowing front inlet and outlet ports that "greatly enhance thermal and volumetric efficiency across the entire RPM range". For maximum bang, there's a new fuel injection system, while an intercooler, larger radiator and bespoke engine calibration keep things working at their optimum level. The phase two map takes things up by 50hp thanks to 93 (rather than 91) fuel octane settings. It is compatible with higher quality petrol, although Roush makes no mention of a boost in peak output for European customers with access to the good stuff.

Additionally, the latest kit is said to enhance the car's performance durability, enabling "more laps at the track" before things get hot. Roush does state that cars featuring a particulate filter won't be compatible, although we suspect those forking out $7,700 (about £5,865) for its parts won't be too bothered by the loss of said component. In fact, barring Ford's Bullitt version of the Mustang, it seems all 2018-2020 models are compatible, with the upgrade covered by Roush's three year/36,000-mile warranty. Shows just how much confidence the firm has in Ford's 5.0-litre block.

While the peak figure of Roush's work should bring a 'normal' Mustang into line with Shelby's flat-plane cranked range-topper, we ought to add that the kit doesn't include chassis, brake or aero upgrades. So you'd still be a fair way off the overall performance of the factory-approved machine with a supercharged GT. But for those in Blighty not able to stretch to GT500 import costs, Roush's kit represents an exciting way to take things up to eleven.

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