GMC All Mountain for LA

Yes, it's a bit silly. Yes, it's only a concept. And yes, you're right, a new GMC pick-up is not coming to the UK anytime soon. Leave alone a GMC on tracks. But if a pick-up called the 'All Mountain' that looks like this doesn't appeal to your inner child, then we're not entirely sure what will - just look at it!

Truck a duck that's cool
Truck a duck that's cool
Described by GMC as taking its "signature bold design and engineering excellence to new heights", the All Mountain is based on the GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. Power comes from that car's 6.6-litre V8 diesel, boasting an incredible 450hp and 910lb ft. So when GMC says the truck can "tackle steep slopes and extreme weather conditions", we're inclined to believe that statement.

The comprehensive mods begin with those tracks, created by a company called Mattracks - very clever - in Michigan. In case you're interested, these are the 150 Series Tracks painted GMC Red and they add "enhanced capability" to the Sierra. Might be selling them a bit short. Note as well the 30-inch light bar, Thule snowboard racks and some pretty serious sump protection. If James Bond was facing a villain in the Rockies, you feel like his henchman might have these. Probably autonomous ones, come to think of it.

Of course the entire All Mountain idea is a bit daft, though that's a huge part of the appeal. This is not a worthy, virtuous concept, it's a cool concept made because it boosts GMC's tough guy image. And, hopefully, it might make a few people smile at the same time. This particular truck is staying on display in Vail, Colorado, while a similar Sierra All Mountain concept - based on the Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X - will be at the LA show. Because why not?



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  • cib24 23 Nov 2017

    Yes, perfect for a car show. Would totally love to try that thing out!

  • Robmarriott 23 Nov 2017


  • soad 23 Nov 2017

  • Mammasaid 23 Nov 2017

    soad said:
    Yes, a long time ago.......

  • SlimJim16v 23 Nov 2017

    You can buy the tracks and fit them to anything, provided it has enough clearance.

    There was a TV programme recently where they were fitted to, I think, a Bentley.

    Looks good though.

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