Jeep Trackhawk set for UK release in 2018...

Well, this is something to look forward to next year. It seems that Jeep boss Mike Manley has let the Hellcat out of the bag during an interview with Auto Express. The new Wrangler may be taking the limelight at present, but when pressed on whether Jeep's 707hp Cherokee would be coming to these shores, Manley replied, "Yes - it seems like I've just confirmed it!"

You'll likely be familiar with the Trackhawk at this point. Powered by the same 6.2-litre V8 developed for use in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it's America's answer to the Range Rover SVR. On steroids.

Whilst the RR produces an elegantly sufficient 550hp, allowing it to hit 62mph in 4.7 seconds, the Trackhawk develops a whopping 707hp and 645lb ft. It takes care of 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds, before thundering its way up to a top speed of 180mph, leaving all other SUVs - barring the Bentayga - in its wake. Although Lamborghini may have something to say about that soon...

We've already driven the car briefly in the US, where its Brembo brakes, Bilstein dampers and, of course, engine, left us wanting more. Happily it seems we won't have too long to wait to see how it handles a British B-road.

If you're in the mood for a super SUV now and don't fancy waiting though, there are plenty available in the PH classifieds. From the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, to the BMW X5 M and, of course, the Trackhawk's predecessor, the SRT, the choice nowadays is almost endless...

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  • ZX10R NIN 04 Dec 2017

    OMG bravo Jeep this is insane love the look too, I'm guessing it'll be around 80-90k.

  • Yipper 04 Dec 2017

    Saw one of these (SRT 475bhp version) a few weeks ago, around ~£500 a month on a lease. Very fast car and a good sound. Reliability is quite bad (according to multiple surveys).

  • Gecko1978 04 Dec 2017

    not sure about the SRT models but we are on our second GC and nothing gone wrong with either and service from dealers has been want a go in one of these but at 80k it would need to be much better inside. its not awful etc but 80k its range rover money so would need to up its game.

  • hondansx 04 Dec 2017

    Looks awesome! Just eye watering depreciation on these performance 4x4s, and I own an RS6!

  • gigglebug 04 Dec 2017

    Yipper said:
    Saw one of these (SRT 475bhp version) a few weeks ago, around ~£500 a month on a lease. Very fast car and a good sound. Reliability is quite bad (according to multiple surveys).
    Well, anyone playing Yipper bingo today has got full value out of this post!

    You've got the well used "done or seen something the other week" part for starters. Why is it that even though Yipper is on here everyday everything he has ever done/seen is always "the other week" and not "I'm doing this tomorrow or " this happened today"? Test drove a Performante "the other week", had a quick spin in a Koenigsegg "the other week", saw X,Y and Z " the other week". Now I'm sure Yipper is as straight as a die but I know want a cynical bunch you lot can be and I'd hate it if looked like Yipper was just making stuff up to fit any particular subject he was commenting on just for the sake of boosting his post count as oppose to having actually done or seen anything that he claims to have.

    Then you've got mention of how much a lease deal would be.

    And then to top it off you've got mention of a statistic or a survey.

    All it needed was a comparison to a remapped Golf R, something copied, or a link to site, on the first page of a Google search or a list of reasons why "Ahm oot" and it would have been BINGO for sure!

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