Karma Revero to rival Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Did you know that over half of all Panamera sales in Europe are for the hybrid? No doubt Karma does, which is why it's pushing ahead with the development of the Revero - a direct rival to the hot selling Porsche - to launch into the European market later this year. Having been on sale in the US since 2016, the electrified four-door, essentially a heavily re-engineered version of the Fisker Karma, is set to receive more power and better range, as well as a more advanced solar roof.

In current trim, Revero's model uses a BMW-sourced turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and twin electric motor powertrain to produce a combined 403hp. But with the 462hp 4 E-Hybrid to go up against, a decent bump in performance for this updated version is likely. Don't expect it to hunt down the 600hp Polestar 1, however, with Karma less focused on out-and-out pace and more concerned with efficiency and comfort.

Proof of this comes in the fact that the Revero already holds a segment advantage with its all-electric range, which is currently rated at 50 miles - twice that of the Porsche. While the main contribution to that range will always come from a plug, a new and improved solar panel roof should mean the sun's energy makes a more significant contribution to the process.

Admittedly, even with this tech list the car doesn't quite arrive with the attention the original Fisker-developed model did some 11 years ago, when the market was comparably infant. But the European launch of Karma's improved hybrid could finally provide the model with enough clout to take on the big players. The market for plug-ins - demand for which is well and truly burgeoning - is still limited to a small number of electrified saloons, after all.

So while the brilliant Panamera 4 E-Hybrid has set the bar extremely high, those who desire the effortless grunt of a hybrid performance car in an uncommon package might find this Californian alternative a rather desirable option. That is, of course, if Karma can offer a competitive price this side of The Pond.

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Comments (4) Join the discussion on the forum

  • dukeboy749r 22 Jan 2019

    If Fisker can deliver on the premise of the E-Motion, its looks alone would have me converted. Of course, performance/range/cost would soon be added to the argument and may sway a decision. The prospect though of genuine luxury alternatives to the Panamera are warmly welcomed

  • Mosdef 23 Jan 2019

    2 litre 4 cylinder? Unlikely to be very refined, particularly if it’s the same lump as in the 740e. Crappy 4 cylinder engines aren’t going to cut it at this end of the market.

  • steviechi 24 Jan 2019

    Solar roof is about enough to power the air-con, so that's not true.
    The electric drivetrain is nothing special at all in terms of efficiency, and certainly not state of the art.
    So it's down to either big bank of batteries that will slow it down, and or make it handle badly, or un-reliable supercapacitors.

    Either way, the spec they had 2-3 years ago for this vehicle were underwhelming then.

  • steveb8189 24 Jan 2019

    steviechi said:
    Solar roof is about enough to power the air-con, so that's not true.
    What's not true?

    A decent sized solar panel sat in the baking Californian sun all day while you're at work would increase range to some degree if you had no other mean of plugging in

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