New Camaro gets turbocharged 1LE

Nope, you still can't get a right-hand drive Camaro in the UK. Some of you might therefore argue that this makes news of an updated Camaro redundant but, if you think differently, and can tell your 2LT from your ZR1, then here's what you need to know about the new Chevy pony car.

It's still based on the car that's impressed us so much at PH, now with freshened up styling including LED lights, new wheels, a 'flowtie' Chevy logo for the SS, altered grilles and so on - your typical facelift fare.

The most significant mechanical change is the introduction of a '1LE' package for the 275hp, 2.0-litre turbo model. And, no, that doesn't mean a V8 engine swap. Instead it gives a greater circuit focus to the entry level car, offering larger anti-roll bars, new dampers, upgraded brake pads, a new Track drive mode and shift lights. It's not a track car without shift lights, is it? And while we won't see the car in the UK, it might spur Ford onto creating a racier Ecoboost Mustang. Which hopefully we could get over here.

The rest of the Camaro range is as baffling as it always was, comprised of a base 1LS, a 1LT with an automatic option, a 2LT that has a manual but more equipment than a 1LS, a 1SS that brings in the V8, a 2SS that's a V8 with more equipment and the ZL1 that we all know and love. Then you can have an RS package on the LS and LT with 20-inch wheels and new grilles, a Convenience and Lighting Package on the 2LT as well as the aforementioned 1LE pack for various trim levels, including the mighty ZL1. Phew.

Elsewhere the V8 models get the 10-speed automatic option (replacing the old eight-speeder), all models get Chevrolet Infotainment 3 and a range of new safety assists - including Forward Collision Alert - are on the options list.

It's not a drastic overhaul for the Camaro, more an evolution of the model to keep it in line with buyer expectations. It's got CarPlay and everything now. Prices for the 2019 model year haven't yet been released by Chevrolet, though when you remember the current car starts at $26k in the US maybe it's best we don't know. The official imported Chevrolets are through Ian Allan in Virginia Water, and you would expect a few examples of the updated car to be brought over if demand is there. A handful of pre-facelift cars are already there though, including this £44k V8 coupe - how much do you really need revised ambient lighting?

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Comments (6) Join the discussion on the forum

  • dzernski 11 Apr 2018

    Brilliant. They have completely ruined the look of it meaning I can focus my efforts on a pre facelift 6th gen which should now get cheaper as a result.

  • Nanook 11 Apr 2018

    dzernski said:
    Brilliant. They have completely ruined the look of it meaning I can focus my efforts on a pre facelift 6th gen which should now get cheaper as a result.
    Have they?

    Kinda looks an awful lot like the old one to me, nothing too drastic has been changed, has it?

  • unsprung 11 Apr 2018

    The new grille certainly has a made-by-committee appearance about it.

    See the front of a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Clearly the team at Camaro were instructed to go for a corporate look. How unfortunate.

    In comparison, Mustang looks ever more the sultry sports GT.

    How much more interesting -- disruptive, bold -- it would have been for Chevrolet to divert the resources of this fascia redesign and four-cylinder ZL1 specification to something else. To defray the costs of a RHD Camaro for Blighty and our antipodean friends.

  • qube_TA 12 Apr 2018

    The photos of the red one look better than the blue one, so I'm wondering whether it's a car to see in the flesh as it doesn't look that exciting from the pictures that have been floating around so far.

  • jimjim150 12 Apr 2018

    New front grille looks civic type r inspired..

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