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Vector W8 Twin Turbo: Reader's Car of the Week

Just 17 examples of this American supercar were produced; naturally, one's on PH

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, February 16, 2019

When the Vector W8 reached the market in 1989, it did so with some very, very big claims. The V8-powered - yep, vee, don't be fooled by the name - American supercar was claimed to hit 60mph in 3.9 seconds and keep on powering to 248mph, numbers that placed it right at the sharp end of supercardom. The latter might even have given the boffins in Woking working a new supercar something to worry about, had it been verified independently.

A later estimate placed the number closer to 218mph, but that was still nothing to be sniffed at back then - nor is it today. The W8 was an advanced car for its time, using a carbon Kevlar body panels that were bonded to an aluminium honeycomb monocoque. For some, it's sharp wedge shape alone was enough to secure its place as a poster boy of the era, but much of the hardware beneath was genuinely exotic. Excluding, of course, the three-speed auto.

Only 17 production W8s were made by California-based Vector, which is what makes seeing one on PH all the more exciting. American PHer Vectorw8015 - see what they did there? - is a former employee of the company and the only one with their own W8. The car is part of this his eclectic four-car fleet - we'll leave Vectorw8015 to provide the details - and is in excellent health, as you might expect.

Anyway, turn up the Bruce Springsteen and head over to the full thread here...

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