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Aston Martin Valkyrie design secrets revealed

The best look yet at that incredible Β£3m Aston Martin hypercar

By Nik Attard / Saturday, July 15, 2017

Aston Martin has been drip feeding us information about the Valkyrie for a while now. First it announced plans to build a hypercar in

, then some all

came on board in the shape of Alcon, Cosworth, Ricardo and Multimatic. Still the project had no name though, up until early March at least, when Aston followed tradition and stuck with its 'V' naming strategy to


Aerodynamics, downforce and lightness are the name of the game where this car is concerned, with Aston describing the Valkyrie as a "celebration of engineering." The tear-drop shaped cockpit allows for large quantities of air to funnel down the Venturi tunnels which feed the rear diffuser. So as not to upset that flow, an alternative to wing mirrors had to be found, meaning that classic concept car gimmick of rear facing cameras finally makes it to production, with feeds displayed at the base of each A-pillar. The rear view mirror is also conspicuous in its absence, due to the enveloping bodywork and roof-mounted engine air intake. This feeds the high-revving, 6.5-litre V12 built by Cosworth, giving the car its one-to-one power to weight ratio (one hp for every kg of weight).

The exterior design is said to be 95 per cent there, with the structure signed off. Although, according to Creative Director of Exterior Design, Miles Nurnberger, Adrian Newey may evolve the non-structural areas of the bodywork in his constant drive for more downforce.

When it comes to weight saving, Aston has pushed the boundary farther than ever before. Taking inspiration from the functionality of a Formula One car's components, the Valkyrie has the lightest production headlights available. The engineering celebrated in their exposed anodised aluminium frame, to which the low and high beam elements are attached. Even the 'Wings' badge has gone on a diet for this project - now 30 per cent thinner than a human hair and 99.4 per cent thinner than a standard enamel badge.

Inside, it looks more like a race car than something to be driven on the road. With seats fitted directly to the carbon tub, owners have the option of four or six-point harnesses. Whichever they choose, the feet-up driving position will let them know they are in something special. Don't expect it to be an uncomfortable space though, Matt Hill, Aston Martin Creative Director of Interiors saying, "You really do have to sit in it to believe there is genuine space for two large adults." Carrying on the motorsport theme, all driver switchgear is on the detachable steering wheel whilst 'vital signs' are shown on the OLED screen.

Deliveries of the Valkyrie will start in 2019, with prices having started at £3million, and all the cars long since sold out.







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