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Β£100k Garage | Chris Pendleton

Land Rover, Mini and TVR are just the start for Chris's best of British garage

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Name: Chris Pendleton
Previously owned: Abarth 500 (only for about three weeks as the gearbox exploded, I traded the A4 for this) Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 TFSI Quattro (gearbox, transfer box and Matatronic unit died), Audi A3 2.0 TDI, Mazda MX-5 (Mk1) 1.8l import, 1969 Morris Mini 1000 with a 1275 Cooper SPI engine swap converted to carbs
Currently owned: 2011 Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 (currently used as a touring/workhorse vehicle around the Scottish Highlands), 2019 Mini Clubman 1.5 family car
On the shortlist: "Something British, something German, something Japanese, possibly something French."

The Shed
Saab 9-3
Cost: £795
Remaining balance: £99,205
Why I chose it: "Nothing says smug Shed driver than a car that makes you look like a loaded architect for the price of a well-endowed man cave. Plus I think it looks epic."

The Brave Pill
TVR Cerbera
Cost: £27,995
Remaining balance: £71,210
Why I chose it: "I remember seeing on of these rumbling through the Old Town of Edinburgh and seeing the windows of the flats rattle; ever since then I have adored them! They look stunning, sound amazing, and are a proper British muscle car. Brave for two reasons I think: imagine binning it and trying to get the bodywork repaired, and then it's also a high mileage TVR - maybe I need to read up more on those engine rebuilds!"

The one still on sale
Land Rover Range Rover V8 Supercharged
Cost: £43,000
Remaining balance: £28,210
Why I chose it: "It's a massive Range Rover with a supercharged V8! Plus, I can use it as a tour vehicle for those clients that expect a certain level of refinement."

Land Rover Discovery 2 Landmark
Cost: £6,995
Remaining balance: £21,215
Why I chose it: "Still one of the best looking 4x4s available, I think. They might not be fast, and they might not be as reliable as a Land Cruiser, but they certainly will get you through a puddle. Plus I think they will end up being a good investment; I don't think you will make a lot of money on one, but I do think you will get the same back plus any repair costs on a good one over time."

Morris Mini Cooper Mk2
Cost: £16,950
Remaining balance: £4,265
Why I chose it: "The same year as my first Mini, although I paid only £1,000 for my rust box. This look was what I wanted to with mine before I had to sell it on. I still think a classic Mini is the best vehicle for city driving, especially somewhere like Edinburgh if you don't mind bouncing along the cobbles and constant tram construction works. The rev-happy wee 995cc engines are fantastic as well, just get up to speed and hold on. My old Mini could hold on to a corner I do all the time at about 60mph while the A4 I had would struggle at about 45mph; nothing like a Mini with the valves bouncing going around a corner!"

Land Rover 110 ex-MOD
Cost: £3,995
Remaining balance: £270
Why I chose it: "I love the idea of having a vehicle from my birth year. I was hoping for a Mercedes but the budget was an issue, so how about this ex-MOD Landy in all its tattered glory? A simple fix up is all it would get and then run it for as long as possible, plus my four-year-old son would think it's the best car in the world. Everyone needs a car from their birth year as well as a matching watch!"


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