David Brown Oselli Mini gets over 100hp | Update

David Brown has confirmed that its new Oselli Edition Mini will have more than 100hp from a tuned-up 1.4-litre engine. The Stage 3 spec four-pot offers a 40 per cent on the original A-series motor, and coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, it looks well equipped (at least on paper) to win over anyone unconvinced by David Brownโ€™s 'Day Tripper' Mini Remastered.

The firmโ€™s latest handcrafted model, which arrives 60 years after the original Mini launched, has been co-developed with classic car specialist Oselli to appeal to driving enthusiasts. Its transformation involves more than just stripes and 13-inch Enkie alloys; buyers can upgrade to a two-seat version that places bucket seats and harnesses up front, and ditches the rear bench for a roll cage in the back.

This uprated Oselli Edition also gets different suspension and higher-spec tyres, along with black trim in place of chrome, black wheel arches and the model build number sprayed onto its grille โ€“ like a 1960s racer. The finished car looks brilliant, and the specs do look pleasingly like a modern interpretation of the much-loved Cooper formula.

But there is, of course, a catch: the price. The four-seat Oselli Edition costs ยฃ117,600 and the upgraded two-seater costs ยฃ129,600. Just 60 are to be made, so donโ€™t expect to see one at a track day anytime soonโ€ฆ

Original story - 27.09.2019

David Brown is perhaps most noteworthy as the creator of the DB5-mimicking Speedback GT, but the company has also been in the business of resto-modding Minis for over two years now. Most recently it launched the convertible 'Day Tripper', a car variously described by PHers as being "an overpriced piece of fluff", "a total shocker" and "just horrible". Perhaps this next one will be a little more up our street, though.

There is one big reason to be optimistic, namely that classic car firm Oselli is involved; the dealership and service centre also boasting a well-regarded restoration business. In fact, the company began in 1962, finding additional performance beneath the bonnets of A-series cars by porting and flowing their cylinder heads, fitting larger valve heads and increasing engine capacity.

All 60 examples of the limited-run David Brown machine will bear Oselli-enhanced engines, as well as other performance-focussed upgrades, resulting in a "high-performance version of Mini Remastered". The cars will also be available in a number of bespoke colour combinations, all of which will be available with the option of matching helmets and race suits, underlining the "highly-tuned" model's commitment to its racing pedigree.

"We are extremely excited to announce this pioneering new partnership with Oselli," said David Brown, company founder and CEO. "We are experts in car design and engineering, while Oselli add to our combined knowledge as long-term specialists in honing race car performance. The classic Mini has a rich racing heritage and our new car, to be revealed in full soon, gives customers yet another reason to want to own a Mini Remastered now that we are also catering for the performance market."

Interested customers won't have long to wait to see more than the shadowy renders provided here, with the car set to be revealed in full at this September's Goodwood Revival. Of course, doing so invites direct comparison with a certain company which has already been building race-proven performance Minis for a number of years. And while Swiftune's products are hardly cheap at between ยฃ50-60,000, they'll likely still cost considerably less than Brown's creation if previous prices are anything to go by. No pressure then.

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  • wab172uk 27 Aug 2019

    Nice if you're rich enough to buy one as a spur of the moment thing for a laugh.

  • 888mattd 27 Aug 2019

    Swiftune are the best

  • Miserablegit 27 Aug 2019

    Yes my money would go to Swiftune if only to see Nick Swift cry as I asked for a bit of sound deadening to be installed.

  • Funk 27 Aug 2019

    Holy bevelled edges, I'd forgotten what an absolute gopper that DB5-a-like was. It's remarkable in that it manages to look ugly from EVERY angle, not just one or two.

    I'd rather you'd reminded me I'd lost 'The Game' than see that thing again.

  • 85Carrera 27 Aug 2019

    Does anyone actually buy the overpriced tat this lot produce?

    As above, if I wanted an expensive classic mini, I’d get one done properly by swiftune.

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