Morgan Plus 8 racecar: You Know You Want To

It's difficult to think of Morgans being particularly racy cars where models like the 4/4, recently inducted into the PH Heroes hall of fame, are concerned. They're genteel roadsters for pottering to the pub and embracing a more relaxed pace of life. However there is, of course, another side of Morgan, with a factory motorsport effort, privately converted racers, and production cars like the Plus 8 Speedster.

And when you think about it, there's a lot going for a Morgan as a circuit project. With the V8 cars you have big power, very little weight and rear-wheel drive - already a good start and, to be frank, the British have always done quite well with eight-cylinder sports cars. Alright, we've made quite a lot, that's probably a more accurate statement.

Then there's this, a Plus 8 modified to be a track and race car. How much fun does it look?! There's surely more than enough of power, noise and performance, on top of the fantastically cool retro aesthetic, to keep a lot of drivers entertained. In fact, we were so taken by the big haunches - well, it's one of the later, wider cars - that it just had to feature.

The ad is a little short of detail, though it's clearly pitched as a racer - look at the windscreen! Look at the stickers too; hopefully, they tell a story of a long and illustrious career. Could it be made to road spec perhaps? There's no mention of an MoT though there are lights, indicators, seats... Can't need much more, can it? Obviously, we're speculating here, though only because the one place this could look better - and draw more attention - than in a paddock is out on the public road.

That's what's key to the appeal, isn't it? The raffish attitude; this is not a track car for finely adjusting the downforce, nailing braking points and ensuring your shift point is spot on. It's for going really bloomin fast thanks to a huge great engine, and most likely having an absolute ball - by dictating everything that the car does - in the process.

What else could you buy? There's the usual range of British suspects for £40,000, though you could be struggling to fully replicate this. A Caterham will of course only have four cylinders, a Radical is a far more serious track proposition and a Zenos is never going to be as cool as this. Meaning you're probably left with a V8 Westfield or something like this TVR Tuscan.

No doubt they will be fun. This potentially looks even more entertaining though, especially with the rarity factor thrown in. Imagine passing someone in their caged M3 with your 40-year-old Morgan - splendid! It looks ready to rumble right now in fact. What's stopping you? Track day season is in full flow!

: £40,000
Why you should: You need this answering?
Why you shouldn't: Not exactly short of fast, loud, Brit track cars are we now?

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Comments (15) Join the discussion on the forum

  • TREMAiNE 07 Jul 2017

    Why should/shouldn't I?


  • GranCab 07 Jul 2017

    You might want to fit some seatbelts / harnesses ... rollcage ... etc.

  • Dafuq 07 Jul 2017

    GranCab said:
    You might want to fit some seatbelts / harnesses ... rollcage ... etc.
    Pah! I fart in your general direction with your nannny state 'roll cage and seat belts' suggestion, you smell of elderberries.

    I will buy this machine, but only if provided with a complimentary 100 pack of your cigarettes (that are cleverly marketed with no marketing but messages of impending doom and illness instead)

  • bigbadbikercats 07 Jul 2017

    I once had a memorable passenger ride in a car very much like this (actually a bona fide Morgan Challenge car but still road registered) around Snetterton. Thunderous noise, ballistic acceleration[1] and sideways pretty much everywhere (including on the nominally straight bits) every time the driver so much as looked at the throttle. I thought the driver was showboating for my benefit, but apparently no, they're just like that.

    I was grinning for days afterwards. I'm quite sure there are quicker ways around a race track for the same kind of money but you can't measure fun with a stopwatch.

    [1] The owner claimed it was making about 300 BHP, whether that's plausible for a Rover V8 on carbs I don't know, but it certainly felt like a hell of a lot...

  • Richair 07 Jul 2017

    PH said:
    The ad is a little short of detail, though it's clearly pitched as a racer
    For what!?.. Just looks like a road car with a few go-faster bits to me. Sure PH know what a race car actually looks like, you know, like having mandatory safety equipment and stuff? It would probably pass for a roadgoing speed event car perhaps.

    Either way it looks like a lot of fun and very cool, but a race car it is not.

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