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No Time to Die trailer | Time for Tea?

The full-length preview of the latest Bond movie has arrived. Guess what it features heavily...

By Nic Cackett / Wednesday, December 04, 2019

There are famous movies which deal specifically with cars, and then there are famous movies with specific cars in them. Bond, of course, is the latter; probably the archetype. It might have kicked off fairly inauspiciously with a Sunbeam Alpine in Dr No, but by Goldfinger, Bond was in an Aston Martin DB5 and with the help of an ejector seat and some machine guns, the legend was promptly set in concrete wellies (helped along by Ian Fleming's own infatuation with the brand).

Being the world's longest running movie franchise (and the seventh highest grossing) has meant that Aston Martin hasn't had 007 all to itself - Ford, GM, BMW, Bentley, Audi, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz have all enjoyed screen time in one form or another; Toyota even went to the trouble of removing the roof from the 2000GT so that Connery could fit behind the wheel. But most recently the franchise has made Gaydon its default first port of call, with either Aston or JLR on the other end of the phone.

The series has become so important to the former that it provided Spectre with eight hand-built - and entirely bespoke - DB10s, a car based on the Vantage that it wouldn't launch for another two years. Now, for 2020, there is a new Bond, which you'll almost certainly know by now is called 'No Time To Die'. Also among the already-knowns is that it will feature the new Land Rover Defender - because the manufacturer has already revealed that fact with its own behind-the-scenes look.

Now though, we get the sugar-rush of a proper movie trailer. And it could hardly start stronger, with a DB5 on the lock stops within the first five seconds. It finishes there, too - in some style. In between we get a lot more Aston Martin (cleverly made generation specific, by the looks of it), a dash of Land Rover and not nearly enough of Ana de Armas. Roll on April.


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