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Six bespoke Bentley Bacalars showcased

Mulliner division demonstrates the level of customisation offered to all 12 Bacalar customers

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, April 3, 2020

It’s only natural that one of Bentley’s most exclusive models would also be one of its most customisable, as illustrated by the six Bacalars the firm has virtually created to demonstrate the extent of the individualisation possible. The imaginations of all 12 Bacalar customers will be allowed to run free with the specifications of their £1.5 million W12 machines before Mulliner’s handiwork is applied, but to provide inspiration, the division’s produced half a dozen different examples. You know, just to point them in the right direction.

The first is called The Clerkenwell, which is said to mix Bentley’s Brooklands racing heritage with the design ethos of creatives that have lived in the identically named London borough through the ages. How does that translate on a Bacalar? Moss Green exterior paint, obviously, with green inside alongside Cheltenham Tweed fabric. By contrast to this somewhat traditional theme, The Menlo – finished in Cobalt blue – is inspired by the tech entrepreneurs of Menlo Park, California, with a more modern mix of Alcantara and yellow accents.

This Anglo-American theme continues with other models, like The Fulton, inspired by Downtown Chicago’s Fulton River District which, if you’ve never been, is apparently symbolised by Lacquer Red paint, piano black veneers and gloss black brightware. A distinctly more British finish is applied to The Greenwich, influenced by the London borough’s greenery and English village architecture. That translates into New Grey paint, Cricket Ball hide and Grey Tweed fabric. While The Brickell – linked to Miami’s financial district – is comparably bold with Atom Silver paint and Brunel hide. No doubt it’d look the part against a Florida sunset.

Bentley’s designers decided to base their last example Bacalar on the slightly further reaching tastes of Sydney, with The Randwick ranking as the brightest of the lot in dedication to the suburban area with the same name. The car with a Yellow Flame finish gets contrasting gloss black trim, Beluga hide and grey tweed textile, along with dark bronze accents to set it all off, Aussie style. Apparently.

While all 12 cars have been allocated to customers, progress on each build is paused until Bentley re-opens for business. It will be interesting to see what finishes buyers do choose for their Bacalars - as we know, money doesn’t always buy taste. But these are Bentleys; it’d be hard to imagine Mulliner’s designers letting anyone spec their most daring 21st century convertible in anything distasteful. That being said, the firm’s letting you have a go with a design competition you can enter via its @BentleyComms Twitter page. If you do produce one, don’t forget to share it below…

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