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Amarokking all over the world

VW's heavyweight pickup gets a one-off Arctic Trucks makeover

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Well rated though the standard Volkswagen Amarok is, even a vehicle as sturdy as a pick up has its limit. What happens when you reach said threshold? Well, if you're north of the map's last latitude, it's simple - you hand said Amarok over to Arctic Trucks and wait for some winter-defeating magic to happen.

The company has featured on PH recently, having converted a few Toyota Hiluxes to 'Invincible 50' spec to mark the truck's half century, but this Amarok is considerably more serious. And less numerous, being a one-off against the Hilux's 50-unit run.

Taking a 224hp V6 diesel Amarok, Arctic Trucks has fitted a 25mm suspension lift kit, larger mud flaps and some bonkers, Group B-esque fibreglass arch extensions - housing gigantic 315/70 R17 off-road tyres. Passengers are prepped against the elements too, with new equipment including a VHF radio, first aid kit for humans, first aid kit for the truck (aka a toolbox), a work light and, yes, a cappuccino machine - there's even a generator (that could surely power a fridge to keep the almond milk in) and a fire extinguisher should the absolute worst happen.

Despite the modifications, VW maintains that the Amarok's standard abilities stay intact, most pertinently the 45-degree climbing ability and a payload of 1,154kg. Which is a lot of coffee.

The point of all this, of course, is to prove what a tough and dependable pick up the regular Amarok will surely prove if Baltic Britain returns; after all, if it can survive Iceland in January then Immingham during a cold snap will prove no problem. Plus the fact VW dealers can convert Amaroks through partners to whatever your business requires, be that tree surgery, catering or Arctic exploration. Wonder how it might cope with the travails of being a PistonHeads Sunday Service wagon? The coffee machine goes in first, of course.

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