Cupra officially a stand-alone brand

Just in case it goes on to build something extraordinary in the fullness of time, you may want to file away where you are right now so that future generations might be told of the moment when Cupra was born. That's right, today Martorell confirms the launch of its stand-alone performance brand - a division that much will be expected of in the coming years.

Right now, the announcement only really comes with a website - which doesn't really have anything on it barring a loud video which shouts buzzwords at you (the first word is 'courage' so you get the idea). In the accompanying press release, SEAT explains that the time has come for Cupra to "gain its own soul, its own DNA, its own identity by becoming a new entity".

What it actually means is that all new Cupra models will come with their own branding, sweeping all mention of SEAT under the rug. And while there is currently only one car in the lineup - the long-running Leon, on the verge of sold-out R status - there are many more on the drawing board, not least the Ateca variant, which will be unveiled at Geneva next month.

Beyond that? Well, who's to say. Stand-alone status offers many more opportunities - particularly in the limited edition avenue that SEAT previously explored with oddities like the Ibiza-based Bocanegra - but Cupra will be doing well if it just manages to better distinguish its output from Volkswagen's mechanically similar GTI range. Martorell will feel like it's doing that with the Ateca - but a future Cupra Ibiza would be a worthier test of its resolve.

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  • The Crack Fox 31 Jan 2018

    I am sat here, wking myself raw, at this important news.

    (I am struggling to see the point of Seat, let alone this 'brand' nonsense).

  • GTEYE 31 Jan 2018

    I read this and interpret it as "marketing cobblers".

  • The1Driver 31 Jan 2018

    These sub brands don't really mean anything these days... As said above. All just marketing bull.

  • captain_cynic 31 Jan 2018

    GTEYE said:
    I read this and interpret it as "marketing cobblers".

    Basically they're saying that Cupra is now another brand of VAG which will be rebadging VW's assembled in Spain.

    VW, changing brand names so people don't figure out all our cars are crap.

  • CaptainSensib1e 31 Jan 2018

    Is this like Ford rebranding it's top line model Vignales so it car try and get people to spend more money? Seems utterly pointless.

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