New Zagato Lamborghini emerges

Have you heard of the Lamborghini L595 Zagato? Top work if you have, because it's a one-off Lambo that had eluded PH until now, despite having been built just four years ago. Created for collector Albert Spiess, the L595 used the running gear of a Gallardo Superleggera and marked Zagato's 95th anniversary. As is the way with Zagato, the L595 didn't want for presence: carrying familiar design cues from the Milanese masters - double bubble roof, ornate circular tail lights, prominent front grille - on a mid-engined supercar silhouette certainly made it dramatic. Maybe not pretty, but then many Zagatos aren't - see the Aston V8 Vantage from the 80s.

Now we have the follow up to that car, the L595 Zagato Spyder. While it seems odd to reveal it when the centenary is still a few months away, it's plain to see on Zagato's website. No further details have yet been announced, though it is quite obviously a drop top version of what came before. And, it might be said, looks a rather more cohesive design than the coupe; where the roof scoop on the hard-top can make the L595 look rather tall and ungainly, that's obviously no longer a problem with the roadster. It does seem very odd to still be using a Gallardo base, though of course if you're spending millions of pounds commissioning a one-off then you could probably request a Diablo donor car and Lamborghini would make it happen.

As for when we'll actually see the Zagato, nobody is quite sure. A few sources are suggesting one of the manicured lawn concours events that will take place during the summer - as fitting a place as any for a unique Zagato - and we're some way from any prominent European motor shows. Would you make a beeline for it at Goodwood?

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  • TaylotS2K 11 Apr 2018

    Looks terrible. Coupe looks like a love child of a Gallardo and a Spyker.

  • Vitorio 11 Apr 2018

    Sooo an article about a car we dont have any pictures off beside a grainy side profile sketch?

    Top work PH-HQ!

  • Macboy 11 Apr 2018

    Saw the coupe of this on another blog and either a) missed it totally at the time or b) saw it and blotted it's hideous form from my mind. The double bubble roof was one of the only saving graces and it's missing on the convertible. The styling of the original is...challenging to say the least. Not Zagato's finest moment one might suggest.

  • myhandle 11 Apr 2018

    Interesting idea about using a Diablo as a base; there already is a Zagato Diablo, called the Canto, which very nearly made prodution.


    There was also the Raptor, another Diablo-based Zagato design, but this one was always intended to be a one-off.

    Edited by myhandle on Wednesday 11th April 13:12

  • AmosMoses 11 Apr 2018

    Got to do something with all those unsold LCI gallardos!

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