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Best Motoring 1994 spectacular: Time For Coffee?

Ever wanted to see a Ferrari 456 race a Ruf CTR, Honda NSX, Dodge Viper and an F40? Now you can!

By Matt Bird / Thursday, January 10, 2019

All Best Motoring videos are good; the quality of the cars, the driving and the footwear see to that. Some, however, are better than others, as this 1994 Tsukuba track test proves. Where else are you going to see a group of cars like this being driven this hard other than Best Motoring?

'Gran Turismo IRL' reads one of the comments, but if anything this is better than the game. There are eight cars instead of six, not one but two Ferraris and the sort of incredible racecraft never possible with AI opposition. It's totally gripping to watch, even if none of the language makes much sense (subtitles are available).

But nobody needs words, really, with this group of cars and drivers. The video is not a procession; it's a proper race, with proper commitment. Look at the furious sawing away at the 456's wheel, the flames out of the Ruf and the incredible skill of the NSX-R driver to keep pace with the F40 towards the end. Oh yes, and the massive spike of boost in the tuned Supra that nearly sees it in the wall... To see any of these eight driven properly on a circuit like Tsukuba would be an event, so to have the full octet is a real treat.

It's not an especially new video, this one, or any more notable now than at any other point in its 25 year life, but if watching eight manual sports cars being thrashed at Tsukuba ever gets dull then it'll be a very sad day. Get the kettle on and enjoy...

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