£100K Garage: Max Berry

Name: £100K Garage: Max Berry
Previously owned: VW Polo (first car!)
Currently owned: Seat Ibiza FR (second car!)

Jaguar F-Type V8 R
Balance: £34,000
Why I chose it: "Not only is this an F-Type Jag, which I love, but it's the fire-spitting V8 R flagship, pushing 550hp into the road via all four wheels. It's a nice colour combo for me, too, with the red leather and calipers complementing the black paint well. It's a pretty car; both aggressive and majestic, what with its quad tail pipes and beautifully designed side profile. Despite being an automatic, when behind the wheel you can of course take control with the paddles - an empowering (and exciting) feeling, I'm sure."

Porsche 911 Carrera (997)
Cost: £20,750
Balance: £13,250
Why I chose it: "First of all, it's a Porsche. Second of all, I was running out of money! But the key thing here is that, because it's a Porsche, the general passer-by would be sure I'd spent more than 20 grand on it. Having said that, for the money you get a 3.6-litre version of the famed flat-six, with 325hp in Carrera spec. Like the Jag, this 911 is automatic, which is a bit of a shame here because it's the old Tiptronic rather than PDK. The fundamental thing here however, is that it's a 911, and that means a great driving experience because of that unique layout. The colour scheme is nice, but a body wrap in white would be even better I think, highlighting those darkened rear lights and giving the car a fresher look. The interior is a little aged, but for me this isn't an issue. There's little need for wireless music connectivity because of the live soundtrack that comes with the car, from the two loudspeakers poking out from the back end..."

Audi S3
Balance: £3,500
Why I chose it: "This Audi S3 Quattro throws more than 300hp down on the road, which in something Golf sized is a rather exciting prospect. Think how excited we all got when VW announced they'd be shoving 300hp in the Golf R. Well this is that, plus a bit more. The similarities don't stop there either, as, like the Golf R, the S3 Quattro delivers its power to all four wheels and is lavishly equipped with many useful pieces of kit inside."

Balance: £250
Why I chose it: "It's very simple, this one. It's a GTI. The good one. It's £3k, near as makes no difference. There's enough power to have fun, and sufficient civility to ferry around passengers when you need to, but with an element of speediness. So that's about it. It's a GTI - a rather more spritely GTI, thanks to the remap, and one I quite fancy."

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Comments (44) Join the discussion on the forum

  • stavr0ss 11 Sep 2018

    Is 100k garage back to no holds barred?

  • spikyone 11 Sep 2018

    stavr0ss said:
    Is 100k garage back to no holds barred?
    If it is, they could've started with some more interesting picks. A 911 and a Golf R? There's a reason that most PH articles describe them as ubiquitous. The Jag looks lovely, of course, but two modern sports cars and a go-to hot hatch is a bit unimaginative. Each to their own, I guess...

  • tektas 11 Sep 2018

    If I use 66k of my 100k I have 34k left, not 44k.

    Just sayin.

  • deltashad 11 Sep 2018

    I like the first two choices but the 911 is a bit too close to the Jag. I'd want something completely different.

  • Muncher 11 Sep 2018

    tektas said:
    If I use 66k of my 100k I have 34k left, not 44k.

    Just sayin.

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