ABT pumps Audi RS3 up to 470hp

The latest Audi RS3 is a very easy car to like quite a lot. While the previous versions have always been admired for that glorious, award-winning five-cylinder engine, the leaden dynamics have made them less than perfect as driver's cars. Although the latest example is hardly an Impreza with Virtual Cockpit, it is better than it ever has been. And it's available as a saloon, which is cool.

The RS3's time as the most powerful hot hatch is coming to an end, though; it will now be surpassed by its 421hp A45 nemesis that arrives soon. Until another RS3 comes, presumably to raise the power stakes yet further, ABT has this: the RS3 with Power S upgrades.

With just a remap and an uprated intercooler, this RS3 makes 470hp and 398lb ft, up from 400hp and 354 as standard. Expect a couple of tenths to be taken from the 4.1-second 0-62mph time, and the top speed is up to 177mph - a whole 3mph from the (optional) 174mph on offer before.

A nice upgrade in and of itself, although ABT offers even more to make the most of it. Forged wheels weighing just 8kg each are available, which will surely help the car feel less ponderous, as could ABT's own anti-roll bar and sports spring kit. Beefier brakes can also be added, with carbon parts and ABT logo door light projectors there if you really, really must.

Typical tuning grievances aside, the thought of an Audi A3 with more power than a 911 Carrera S is quite an exciting one. Especially the more unassuming four-door. The standard RS3 is now selling from £40k, with this white saloon looking the perfect innocuous donor on which to unleash some ABT anarchy. There are more upgrades on the way, too...


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  • steveb8189 5 days ago

    Farting its way around a street near you shortly...

  • Harry_523 5 days ago

    Dont litchfeild get these to 500hp?

    Edit: Yes - https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/audi/rs3-8v-2017

  • dukebox9reg 5 days ago

    Its a shame, unlike the ABT tune on the new Cupra Leon they don't do a warranty backed map for 500-600 quid.

    That would be more news worthy as there's still not that many people who are happy tuning their new lease car.....

  • A1VDY 5 days ago

    Birmingham back street garages run by da Boyz in da hood get these to over 500hp with no problem.
    With low speed limits and clogged UK roads this is just whats needed..

  • Jon_S_Rally 5 days ago

    The cheerful PH crowd are out in force in this thread I see laugh

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