Audi RS6 and RS7 'performance' launched

This is a coincidence, honest. Just minutes after the RS4 Hero was published, praising how fast a 15 year-old car still feels, Audi has detailed its latest and even quicker RS models. The German supersaloon power wars are not over yet!

Will be at the Photoshopped city PDQ
Will be at the Photoshopped city PDQ
But the new RS6 and RS7 aren't 'Plus' models, as the faster versions of the former have been previously. They are now branded 'performance' and, well, they sort of do what it says on the tin. Audi is quite vague on the exact modifications, talking of 'technological expertise', 'increased rpm and boost pressure' plus 'specific engine management' but without any numbers to support those claims.

The performance figures, though, are in no doubt. Power is up 45hp to 605hp and there's an overboosted torque peak of 553lb ft too, with 516lb ft the regular maximum. From 0-62mph, both performance models are two tenths quicker than the standard RS at 3.7 seconds, from where it just gets sillier still. Audi quotes 12.1 seconds to reach 124mph, a staggering time that's 1.4 seconds swifter than the regular cars. Twelve seconds! Fuel consumption and emissions are said to be unchanged, meaning 223g/km and 29.4mpg for the RS6 or 221g/km and 29.7mpg for the RS7.

Further tweaks beyond the standard cars include a drive select button on the steering wheel, new 21-inch cast aluminium wheels and 'carbon twill blue inlays'. Classy.

UK pricing isn't yet set for the performance models, Audi only confirming German RRPs of 117,000 euros for the RS7 and 121,700 for the RS6. The cars are available from November so expect more info soon. And if you can't wait until then, current RS6s are now available from less than £60,000. They're still pretty quick after all...

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  • sidesauce 22 Oct 2015

    Moar powerrrrrr. I do like the RS6, it's a very handsome thing I must say.

  • British Beef 22 Oct 2015

    Finally more power. Exactly what the last one was totally short of!

    While they are at it I hope they reduced the steering feel a little more.....

    I wonder if this will be the last of the kind of RS6's before Audi starts adding electric motors to supplement the power and hybridise the range.

  • Itsallicanafford 22 Oct 2015

    Crickey...I've just bought a car with 103Bhp which seams ample to me.

  • GTEYE 22 Oct 2015

    We've got to the point where this German power war is actually becoming quite dull.

    Are Audi's customers actually asking for this?

    is the extra 45hp likely to be even noticed on a public road?

    Edited by GTEYE on Thursday 22 October 12:37

  • Amirhussain 22 Oct 2015


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