Big Guns For Hire: Panamera Hits Rental Market

As of 1st October, the dreadfully dull world of plastic wheel trims and poverty-spec models that is car rental will be livened up considerably when a platoon of Porsche Panameras arrives on hire firm Avis’s German fleet.

The Porsche Panamera S and 4S are available from 189 euros (£170) per day during the week, while a weekend sojourn to Bavaria will set you back at least 567 euros (£510).

Avis says that “the use of efficient V8 motors with direct injection, an intelligent, light construction, the start-stop system, optimal aerodynamics, the innovative Porsche PDK dual clutch transmission and additional measures have lead to an ideally low consumption of fuel.”

We’re not sure that a 400bhp 4.8-litre V8 car that weighs almost two tons could really be described as efficient or light, but the PDK-equipped Panam can at least manage a respectable 26.8mpg on the combined cycle.

Mind you, after having borrowed one to help whisk the PH team to the Frankfurt show (which you’ll be able to read all about on PH soon), we can safely say that fuel economy was more or less the last thing on our minds.

If you’re planning a trip to Germany soon - for business or pleasure – there could be few finer ways to travel.

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  • Not Ideal 18 Sep 2009


    Better than a boggo 1 series diesel.

  • dandarez 18 Sep 2009

    One of these passed me as I left Silverstone last Sunday heading towards the M40.

    I caught him up (took a while biggrin).
    First time I had seen one on the road - it's bloody huge!

    Made my MINI (210bhp) JCW look like an Austin 7 Mini.

    Too big. Don't like big cars.

    Edited by dandarez on Friday 18th September 12:53

  • Garlick 18 Sep 2009

    I'm taking a Panam to this Sundays PH meet at Silverstone Lotus if anyone fancies a good look around one smile

  • RB Will 18 Sep 2009

    Where is the nearest place to the Ring to get one.

  • LuS1fer 18 Sep 2009

    You can tell a car isn't selling when they foist it on rental companies..yes? No?

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