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Like the look of the RPM Technik CSR but can't escape the fact that the man maths calculator adds used 997 Carrera to the c. £20K conversion cost and equals full fat 997 GT3?

Carbon ducktail to make your 911 stand out
Carbon ducktail to make your 911 stand out
Certainly in RPM's own showroom you could reach that conclusion, the guys there having recently sold a Carrera 2 S that would have been a good base for the CSR conversion for just over £30K (seemingly the going rate in the PH classifieds) while beside it is a 2007 GT3 up for just over £50K.

In response to this and demand from Porsche owners looking to pick and choose CSR upgrades according to need and budget RPM is offering individual components off the shelf. So if you fancy a bit more zing to your flat-six you could go for the lightweight clutch and flywheel, with or without the custom exhaust, or instead for a more suspension based package with the Ohlins dampers.

Or maybe you just fancy the carbon ducktail and be done with it.

That GT3 still appeals from a purist perspective and its investment potential. But if you've already got a 997 or just want a couple of choice upgrades there is at least the option of cherry picking the bits that matter to you, rather than pulling the pin on the full £20K CSR package, tempting as that may be. Here's the full list of upgrades and prices:

Part Supply only Fitted price
Short shifter kit £235.00 £365.00
Wavetrac differential £1,020.00 £1,702.50
Carbon ducktail with rear light £1,552.45 £1,747.45
Ohlins suspension kit £2,340.00 £2,730.00
ARB Upgrade £355.00 £517.50
Lightweight clutch and flywheel £600.00 £1,055.00
CSR Sports exhaust £1,450.00 £1,645.00
OZ wheel option (Without tyres) £1,350.00 N/A
Geometry & Corner weight setup N/A £550.00
Sports steering wheel £885.32 £950.32

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  • P1H 17 Sep 2013

    I thought it was clear from the previous article that you could pick and choose what upgrades you want (as you can from nearly all tuning companies I imagine).

    So is the purpose of this to article just to emphasise the point you'd have to be insane to buy a stock 997 and have the full CSR upgrade and not a GT3 instead?

  • jamespink 17 Sep 2013

    I don't have a spare £50k but however good the CSR mods are (I am sure they are brilliant) nothing would dissuade me from buying a proper GT3 for similar money. Spank it for 20 years and end up with a car worth 10 times the CSR...scratchchin

  • lerd 17 Sep 2013

    Ditto James and p1

  • lerd 17 Sep 2013

    Ditto James and p1

  • Evo 17 Sep 2013

    Don't see the point of it, surely the whole point of a 997 GT3 is a sharper handling and more focussed car that will always be a GT3 and something rather special to hold on to.

    Id rather have a 996 Turbo with some nice Ohlins and still have £20k in my back pocket than the CSR.

    I know we can't really comment unless you've driven it in person but it can't be any better than a proper GT3 can it??

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