Go faster with Porsche

If you've got a 911 GT3 of some sort or other and use it frequently on track first of all good on you.

Ownership of such a car and using it the way Porsche intended obviously marks you out as a discerning type and probably aware that there's more to going faster and getting more out of your car than simply throwing horsepower at the issue. And in keeping with the GT3's 'serious' brief Porsche is offering a strictly limited invitation 'pit stop clinic' at its Reading HQ on Saturday October 13 where you can learn more about car set-up, data analysis, tyre performance and a host of other techie stuff from those in the know in the Porsche GT racing world.

Intended for those considering the step up from track days to actual racing - Porsche hoping in the GT3 Cup Challenge GB, obviously - this is a deliberately high brow and weighty day of presentations, forums and networking and a great opportunity to get a first taste of how Porsche supports its privateer racers.

It's free to attend but places are very limited and on a strict first come, first served basis. Register your interest at GT3CupChallengeGB@porsche.co.uk



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  • J-P 05 Oct 2012

    Wow! Makes me wish I had a GT3 instead of my lowly CR!

  • R66STU 05 Oct 2012

    I would love to go just to learn something about one of my favorite car brands + racing, but i don't think i am really the target audience (nor do i have the finances for racing a Porsche) i will stick to Forza Motorsport for now smile

  • em177 05 Oct 2012

    I thought from the pic you were going to say they were offering to bolt some RSR bits on wink

  • Dan Trent 05 Oct 2012

    It should perhaps be made clear you don't *have* to own a GT3 to qualify to attend. But the tone of the information we had from Porsche made it pretty clear who the target audience was!

  • SmartVenom 05 Oct 2012

    Seeing as at times it seems like there are more gt3 owners on here than Porsche has built I would have thought this will fill up very quickly!

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