Mercedes-AMG reveals 585hp G63

So this is the G-Class we've been waiting for: the new Mercedes-AMG G63. This is the one which makes no sense at all; the one with a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine and 585hp; the one you can have with 22-inch wheels if you so wish; the one which will almost certainly cost more than the £136k required to buy its predecessor.

And while it looks much the same prospect as before from the outside, the latest G63 can claim to be markedly different to any previous AMG variant of the G-Wagen. For a start it's based on the all-new G-Class, which means that right out of the gate it's larger and significantly lighter than before, courtesy of a heavily revised ladder frame chassis and a body now comprised mostly of aluminium.

The architecture has grown significantly stiffer, making it all the better for attaching suspension to. The chassis is made up of double wishbones to the front and multi-link to the rear, with a tower brace connecting the front struts, adaptive dampers as standard, and (for the G63 specifically) additional anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles.

You'll be needing those, because the most powerful G-Wagen is, as ever, both very tall and very fast. The outgoing model was equipped with Affalterbach's 5.5-litre V8, making 544hp and 561lb ft of torque. Its replacement utilises the same 4.0-litre V8 deployed elsewhere in the current AMG lineup, albeit in a bespoke tune that produces 627lb ft of torque from 2500rpm.

Naturally this is delivered to all four wheels via a nine-speed Speedshift automatic transmission, although its maker has opted to replace the previous G63's 50:50 torque spread with a 40:60 split in favour of the rear axle. Of course, there's now a clever multi-plate clutch in the centre anyway for moving the power around - but that hasn't cheated the G63 out of its three locking diff switches: the clutch plate simply locks to 100 per cent on command.

There's low range gearing, too (with a much higher reduction ratio than before: 2.93 compared to 2.10) however Mercedes has moderated some of the G-Wagen's do-it-yourself ethos by introducing three off-road drive modes - Sand, Trail and Rock - which tailor the car's response accordingly. (There are a further five settings for on-road driving in case you were concerned about that.)

Like the standard model, the G63 has adopted electromechanical steering for the first time and of course you get a squared-off AMG Performance wheel inside to operate it. The interior looks as plush as you might expect from a six-figure SUV, but it's the exterior which better defines the range-topper thanks to the AMG-specific bumper, grille, wheel arches, running boards and the "V8 BITURBO" stamp on the wings.

Oh and the side pipes which exit below the rear doors. Expect them to do quite a lot of distinguishing all by themselves - especially when the standard exhaust flap is in the sillier of its two stages. The G63 will launch at the Geneva show next month and ought to go on sale a little while afterwards. We'll bring you exact prices when Mercedes UK finishes doing its sums, but you can expect to pay the best part of £160k for a First Edition model.








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  • GTEYE 13 Feb 2018

    That is just awesome!

    Ridiculous, yes, but still awesome

  • MagicMonkey 13 Feb 2018

    Are there plans to revive the 65 too?

  • FN2TypeR 13 Feb 2018

    That is absolutely ghastly.

    I love it cool

  • Dafuq 13 Feb 2018

    Oh please.......

    Putting glitter on an already very glittery turd.

    When will the vulgarity end?

    I remember when the G-Wagen was cool, this is just nasty.

  • oldtimer2 13 Feb 2018

    Another entrant to the "My SUV costs more than yours" segment of the market. Like the ever growing super car segment, it has all the characteristics of a growing bubble.

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