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New Abt RS7-R is quite silly

740hp, mad bodykit, those wheels and carbon everywhere - it's business as usual at Abt!

By Matt Bird / Thursday, April 2, 2020

Abt knows exactly what it's doing here; it's aware, just as we all are, that the V8 icon of the Audi RS range is the RS6. Hence that ridiculous RS6+ Nogaro Edition of the C7 car, and hints of a new RS6-R in sketches released last year. It's all a big tease, leading up to the main event - what should be the most exciting Abt in a long time - and the RS7-R is a big part of that.

Still, as teases go, the RS7-R isn't a bad one, given it boasts an entire MX-5's worth of extra power over standard - now 740hp - and a monstrous 679lb ft. Apparently that comes from a mere Abt Power R 'performance upgrade', and is backed up by a two-year warranty as well. What that will do for performance Abt hasn't confirmed yet, though bearing in mind a standard RS7 is a 190mph car capable of 3.6 seconds to 62mph, it's surely now knocking on the door of 200.

Truth be known, that's really only the start of it. Naturally, the wheels are bigger, now 22 inches, and are supported by coilover suspension and new anti-roll bars - presumably replacing the active items fitted as standard. That's before mentioning the quite incredible colour scheme of those wheels, the fact that almost every part of the body that isn't carbon is wrapped and the four very prominent exhaust pipes - 100 per cent more exhaust than standard. It's quite the overhaul.

Inside, the transformation is similar, with carbon added in places where carbon has never been seen in an RS7, a 'Handcrafted for Daniel Abt' script and limited-run build plaque - this being one of 125 - adorning the glove compartment. If there's such a thing as peak Abt, this RS7-R is it.

So that's what you need to know about this RS7. Modest, it is not - but then what exactly were you expecting? Whether the RS6-R will be subjected to exactly the same treatment we're not quite sure, though there's not long to wait, with Abt suggesting it will be seen later this month. And you thought the standard cars were quite OTT...

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