Novitec gets busy with Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

Modified luxury cars are never going to find favour with purists. By definition, the process tarnishes originality, meddles with a carefully honed look and compromises peerless craftsmanship. That said, clearly sufficient demand exists for spending even more money on the most expensive cars in the world, and Novitec is certainly not one to miss out on its slice of the pie. So welcome, if you will, the 'Spofec' range of Phantom upgrades from the German company, comprising wheels, suspension, power and more.

Because of the Rolls' enormous 6.8-litre, twin turbo V12, liberating additional motive force hasn't been difficult. Indeed through nothing more than ECU work, Novitec is claiming a gain in power from 563hp to 685hp, and a torque leap from 664lb ft to 745. That latter figure is from just 1,800rpm, too, only 100 more than standard, so - in theory - it should drive in a similar fashion to the standard car. Just going quicker.

The wheels are new from Novitec/Spofec for this generation of Phantom, the 24-inchers (!) available in a range of colour finishes. The wheel and tyre combo offered is said to be "the perfect application for maximum contact with the roads." Just be careful parking near any SW1 kerbs with those...

Perhaps the most drastic change for this Phantom VIII, though, is the suspension drop. Novitec has introduced its own CAN-Tronic control module, meaning it can lower the ride height through the air suspension by about 40mm at less than 140km/h (87mph). There are a range of spacers to support the drop, too. And while running that much closer to the ground on even bigger wheels will surely play havoc with the famously finessed Phantom ride quality, it's hard to argue against the presence afforded to a car this large when it's dropped this low on wheels so huge. For those that kind of like it, you're not alone.

Finally, for those still unsatisfied with their reworked Rolls, Novitec has created a range of aero extras; working from front to back there's a new bumper, set of side skirts, rear bumper and - heaven forbid - spoiler lip. Still, no worse than a Cullinan - is it?

So that's what 'Performance meets Elegance' means to Novitec. There aren't prices yet - because the link to Novitec's shop is currently broken - but cost surely can't be a factor when modifying Rolls-Royces. You either do it, or not - the money isn't going to be a deciding element. Still, every little helps and all that, so for those after a donor vehicle, this secondhand Phantom is down to Β£280k...

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  • BigChiefmuffinAgain 03 Dec 2019

    This is just what this car needed, with perhaps some go-faster stripes down the side and some fake extra exhaust pipes....

  • Burwood 03 Dec 2019

    I can see a younger buyer wanting to bling out their Rolls but to mess with the engine!

    The used example is virtually new (3k miles) and given they start at £360k+options, £280k looks like a bargain.

  • numtumfutunch 03 Dec 2019

    OMG - they'll probably coachbuild an SUV next for the ultimate in bad taste

    Oh, hang on......................

  • cookie1600 03 Dec 2019

    "Novitec has created a range of aero extras"

  • PaulD86 03 Dec 2019

    I saw the article title and thought, "I should hate this". I saw that pics and thought, "I should hate this". I don't hate it. Actually, I think it looks better than the standard car. The back in particular seems to gel better than the standard car. I'll never be in the market for one, but I think it oddly works.

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