Porsche reveals 911 '5M Porsche Fans'

Porsche hasn't exactly been subdued in marking the 50th anniversary of the 911. We've had the Goodwood statue, the Long Way Doune car and the '50 Years Edition' 991; but, like the birthday boy reaching for one last whiskey, Porsche just can't stop celebrating.

Hence why it's just created the Carrera 4S '5M Porsche Fans'. The name pertains to the five million fans Porsche has on Facebook, a milestone that has conveniently been reached in 2013. It can therefore coincide with the birthday fun. What joy.

Aerokit adds credibility that stickers remove
Aerokit adds credibility that stickers remove
The car's appearance is the result of 54,000 votes on Facebook for users' 'ideal design for the Porsche 911'. Yet despite the potential for a 911-shaped atrocity to emerge, the 5M Porsche Fans car is actually in a fairly desirable spec.

The Carrera 4S is painted Aqua Blue Metallic, which contrasts nicely with the white 20-inch wheels. It's also fitted with the Cup Aerokit, adding more attitude to the front spoiler and plonking a large fixed wing at the back too. The '5M Porsche Fans' stickers are just about subtle enough to be tolerable, we reckon.

But Porsche hasn't just made this 911 as another birthday pat on the back to itself. Until August 18, Facebook fans have the chance to win a drive in the 5M Porsche Fans Carrera 4S, with nine runners-up winning a 1:43 scale model. The car will then be available to drive on Porsche's driving courses at Silverstone, so we can all thrash the 911 'personally built by five million Porsche fans'.

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  • turbo-ww 05 Aug 2013

    So is it a one-off or is it for sale?

  • 9point2litres 05 Aug 2013

    I'm finding that a tad dull... think I might get back to work - anything interesting in the news? Looks nice tho'

  • AshleyPatience 05 Aug 2013

    Looks great, but the text needs removing from those stickers!! The side stripe itself is ok, and compliments the rest of the cars looks, but they could've at least abbreviated the text to '5MF' or something?

  • Rawwr 05 Aug 2013

    Surely just '5M' would've been a more subtle, less ridiculous name?

  • 365daytonafan 05 Aug 2013

    On the basis the Ferrari facebook page has over 12 million fans can we now expect a proliferation of specials as brands try to out do each other to promote how many fans they have!

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