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If there's one brand you can't escape in any of the Techno Classica's 20 halls it's Porsche, and specifically 911s. Sure, there are 356s, 914s and others but 911s of all hues and types dominate and if you're in the market for a complete car, a specialist restorer or just a few bits you'll be in hog heaven here.

Porsche itself is using the occasion to celebrate 40 years of the 2.7 RS, a fact commemorated with an example of the type restored by the Porsche Classics workshop. This is shop window stuff to advertise the factory restoration service and parts back-up, a bare shell beside it and display of new 'old' parts behind hammering the point home.

Opposite are the RS road car's competition descendents in the shape of a Targa Florio spec 3.0 RSR and mad Martini-liveried RSR Turbo 2.1, plus a new 991 'customised' with official Porsche accessories including a new RS inspired ducktail wing.

And if the Porsche stand itself is relatively modest it's more than made up for by the sheer number of 911s with the independent restoration houses and dealers. Highlights include German restorer Early 911s' display of six stunning 911s comprising two S (T)s, a 3.0 RS, 930 widebody, 964 RS and a 993 3.8 RSR - yours for an astounding 279,000 euros.

Which makes the one that most tickled the PH fancy sound reasonable. Based on a 1973 2.4 T, OK, it's another 2.7ish homage but a very nice one and built to the spec of the prototype for the RS.

As the blurb puts it, "technically as the 2.7 RS, optically between a 911 S and a 2.7 RS." Stripped and caged it looks like a lot of fun, if not exactly cheap at 89,500 euros.

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  • soad 22 Mar 2012

    eek Mmm, more Porsche porn!! smile

  • M@1975 22 Mar 2012

    Eeep.. Porsche porn!

  • dave stew 22 Mar 2012

    Always fancied gold centered BBS alloys on a 993.

  • mat205125 22 Mar 2012

    Yep! That's exactly as I plan for one corner of my lottery garage to look.

  • pistonpie 22 Mar 2012

    that new 911 looks stunning!!!

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