Video: Porsche's Glorious Motorsport Past

Click large image below to see the video
Click large image below to see the video
Porsche's latest US TV ad for its new Panamera is quite a sight, featuring 50 models from its undoubtedly glorious past. The idea is to prove to doubters that the new super-saloon is indeed a thoroughbred Porsche - and you've got to say that the result is effective.

Check out the Porsche Panamera 'Family Tree' ad here

But Porsche's recent cinematic output includes an even more sparkling gem. This recent 'Roots in racing. Not posing' ad is a nostalgia-fest of Porsche racing images, and every vignette could be a whole ad in itself.

It really is a Porsche-phile's wet dream, though we note the conspicuous absence of the most recent parts of Porsche's motorsport heritage. Still at least that means it is blessedly free of any images of the Cayenne...



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  • scubadude 04 Feb 2010

    Nice... surprised how keen they where to show sliding and spinning 911's I thought they disliked the widownmaker handling rumours? :-)

  • motoroller 04 Feb 2010

    "Our idea of detailing"

    That one made me laugh!

  • soad 04 Feb 2010

    Superb video - drivers had some fun, that's for sure.
    Some epic cars there too.

  • Nightshade 04 Feb 2010

    Nice video, it's well done. I can't see the Panamera outpacing 959s and GT1s though!

  • soad 04 Feb 2010

    Good example of a car wash too. biggrin

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