Bike-engined N600 wins Honda Super Tuner Legends

You'll know by now how the SEMA show goes: companies that tune cars go to ever-increasing lengths to make their vehicles stand out in a wealth of hyper-modified vehicles. As such, the finished products can end up looking a little silly, even when the OEMs get involved. Silly in a good way, sure, but a little over-the-top nonetheless.

So to see that a humble N600 has won Honda's Super Tuner Legends Series - a competition that sounds like it's from Gran Turismo, but actually gets the victor a spot at SEMA - is something of a surprise. Of course, the car has significance as the first four-wheeled Honda sold in the US, but it seems a little humble for SEMA.

However, where once this car would have had a 600cc, 45hp, 9,000rpm(!) two-cylinder engine, it now has an 800cc, 115hp, 12,000rpm V4 from a Honda VFR bike. A five-year project for owner Stephen Mines, the N600 also has Mazda MX-5 suspension and brakes, Polaris RZR seats and bumpers hacked down from a Chevy Camaro. Mongrels never looked so good!

"I'm thrilled and humbled that my N600 not only stood out, but was selected as the winner of the first-ever Honda Super Tuner Legends Series," said Mines of his achievement, a man who describes himself as "owner of more than a few Hondas". Imagine what else is in the collection...

The three other finalists for the award included two Civics - one from 1978 and one from 2015 - as well as an S2000. With SEMA kicking off next week, the little N600 on the Honda stand looks like being one of the show stars. And finally, if this has you wondering what a V4 bike engine sounds like in a 50-year-old kei car, there's a video of it below...

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  • 1781cc 29 Oct 2019

    Now thats incredibly unique - hats off to the builder, what a great car and a great story

  • dzernski 29 Oct 2019

    Rarely has so much noise been made by something going so slow.
    I love the bit where the presenter has to ask twice whether he needs to use the clutch whilst upshifting...after having clearly not using it before

  • swampy442 29 Oct 2019

    dzernski said:
    Rarely has so much noise been made by something going so slow.
    You've seen a Civic before, right? biggrin

    I love that, nice to see something different

  • cookie1600 29 Oct 2019

    For those interested in the detail (all 43 loaded pages of it!) here is the build thread:

    Other N600 engine swaps, front and mid:

  • arkenphel 29 Oct 2019

    Oooh, very nice! Never seen one of them before! Very original mini like.

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