Icon reimagines Land Cruiser FJ40 with 6.2 V8

Nobody anywhere has ever described Toyota's FJ40 Land Cruiser as too road-biased, but thanks to the demands of today's burgeoning explorer market one Californian company has found reason to really turn up its off-road capabilities. Los Angeles-based Icon - best known for its work with Ford Broncos - is reengineering Toyota's legendary Land Cruiser with modern creature comforts and a honed focus on getting mucky. Since this is America, it's added a whacking great 6.2-litre V8 to the engine bay for good measure as well...

The remade model's newfound extremeness is visible from the removal of its doors (we're not sure whether you're allowed to keep them as souvenirs), thicker suspension struts and beefed-up locking differentials, as well as chunky off-road tyres and accompanying underbody bracing. Icon claims to have shed weight from the body with its changes (as well as by ditching the air-con), although the mass of that 430hp GM small block might counter those efforts somewhat. Those desperate for lightness can, if they want, go for a smaller diesel.

In contrast to the hardened exterior, the cabin does get some creature comforts, with heated leather seats, a modern audio system with an Apple CarPlay-compatible tablet and a more modern dash. But by and large, Icon's work is an example of pared-back engineering intent on creating a vehicle fit for adventure in the SoCal sun. Given how great this FJ40 looks, we suspect it'd do just as nicely trundling through mud under dramatic Lake District skies, too.

As is often the case with these uber cool retro off-roader things, Icon's FJ40 doesn't come cheap. It retails for $185,000 in the US, which is presently about Β£144k. Then again, that's Β£30k less than Hennessey charges for its Gladiator Maximus, and even though that gets 1000hp and actual doors, we suspect the little FJ40 is no less capable at tackling the rough stuff - or tugging at the heart strings...

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Comments (11) Join the discussion on the forum

  • TheOrangePeril 08 Nov 2019

    While FJ40s are achingly cool, I can't get my head around the price...
    Targeted as a toy to show off for those with more money than sense. Many will sadly end up parked illegally outside Harrods with the Defenders and G-Wagons that never get to see a drop of mud.

  • fernando the frog 08 Nov 2019

    i'd rather just have an original

  • bobtail4x4 08 Nov 2019

    another grand or so,would buy better tyres than the castor ones on it.

  • pb8g09 08 Nov 2019

    Obviously a bit less polished but wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper to just get the original and do your own crate engine swap?

  • chelme 08 Nov 2019

    fernando the frog said:
    i'd rather just have an original
    Ditto, and for a fraction of price!

    Whist I admire what Singer has achieved with restomodding Porkers, these cars are just an excuse for ripping rich (note: not wealthy) idiots off.

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