Restomod Ford Bronco!

You don't need us to tell you that modernisation, or backdating, or any kind of car modification which brings new to old (and old to new) is big business at the moment. Singer made such a good job of it that Porsche jumped on the bandwagon; Jaguar Land Rover will repurpose whatever you find into a usable classic; and David Brown Automotive continues to find profitable niches for old designs brought up to date.

This might well be our favourite yet though; Californian company Icon, known for renovating everything from Chevy pick ups to Toyota FJ Land Cruisers, has now created this - the Icon BR Derelict.

Now the Icon BR is familiar in the Icon range, its trademark take on the legendary Ford Bronco. 'Derelict' is the new bit, by which we mean it keeps the restored car looking old. Obviously. Purchased from its original owner (!) by Icon, the car was described as "way too cool for normal process", according to Icon boss Jonathan Ward, and therefore "had to be a Derelict".

So while it gets the same 426hp Mustang 'Coyote' V8, five-speed manual, Brembo brake upgrade, Eibach springs and Fox dampers as other BRs, the Derelict's has been left untouched. Indeed Icon has even gone to the extent of protecting the current level of wear with a "ceramic coating", as well as 'faux patina painting' some of the new components...

The end result looks absolutely perfect for Californian adventures on- and off-road, though more than 400hp with a wheelbase that short looks a tad... excitable. As for a price, the Derelict Icon will require the American Dream to have served you well; 'standard' Icon Broncos are typically more than $200,000, and we all know the more retro the costlier - right?

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  • JMF894 31 Aug 2018

    Love it but straightline acceleration only me thinks!!

  • EyeHeartSpellin 31 Aug 2018

    Well you can dere lick my balls.

  • RumbleOfThunder 31 Aug 2018

    What a fantastic thing.

  • Krikkit 31 Aug 2018

    Not a restomod, but this Jay Leno ep has a great Bronco history etc to go with the above. Lovely all round!

  • irocfan 31 Aug 2018

    love it - however the lack of roll-over protection gives me heebeegeebees

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