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Nissan trademarks new 'Z' logo

Could this mean, finally, that a new sports car is close?

By Matt Bird / Friday, March 20, 2020

Trademarking is not normally big news on PistonHeads, but when it concerns the potential of a new Nissan sports car it becomes a rather more pressing issue. Because we've been crying out for one of those for ages; the 370Z limply duelling with the Lotus Evora for longest sports car production run of the 21st century like two old men playing painfully slow chess.

Latest news is a refreshed 'Z' badge, registered alongside a new Nissan logo by the brand in Canada and New Zealand - why those two we've no clue - and harking back to the original 240Z. It's an understandable move given the heritage in the Z cars now; remember, too, that the first 240Z on sale was a 1971 model year version, so we're just about ready for a proper 50th anniversary car. And not just a 370Z with some different paint.

Beyond badge conjecture, we know precious little about Nissan's sports car plans. There were those spy shots last year, from which barely anything could be told, and little comment really about any upcoming prospects. All Z talk has been about the heritage rather than the future, and the former is arguably in danger of being jeopardised if the latter isn't properly thought about.

Let's hope that the creation of a new logo points to the creation of a new and exciting model for 2021, too. Everyone has been waiting long enough, after all...

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