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Porsche 992 GT3 - is this it?

Superbowl ad features murky and bespoilered 911 in shot - could it be?

By Matt Bird / Monday, January 27, 2020

For most other cars, a grainy image from an advert wouldn't be worth more than a cursory glance - leave alone a story. But another 911 GT3 is not just most other cars, particularly on PH, so here we are.

You may well have seen it by now; a Porsche Superbowl advert - its first since the 20th century, no less - features the great and the good of the back catalogue, from tractors to Le Mans cars, as security guards attempt to track down a stolen Taycan. It'll make more sense when you see it. But there for a couple of seconds, behind a GT2 RS and sandwiched between a 993 and a 924, is what appears to be a new, Riviera Blue GT3.

How to tell? GT3 centre-lock wheels, for starters, as well as a very punchy double rear spoiler. And while the camera angle will heighten the impression, this particular 992 looks lower than any other.

And that's your lot, really, because the rest of the video is about as daft as expected for a Porsche Superbowl advert. Including a 911 Carrera with a hydraulic handbrake, which is about the only thing not yet listed on the Porsche options list. Therefore, what we'd expect of the GT3 is as before: most likely the Speedster's WLTP-compliant evolution of the 4.0-litre, manual and PDK gearbox options, four-wheel steer, an unbelievable 'ring lap time and the sort of driving experience to get even the most cynical in a tizz.

Given the rate Porsche tends to churn out 911 derivatives, and the popularity of GT3s, it surely can't be long until this particular 992 is seen in public. This year's Geneva show has been suggested already, though that seems a little optimistic given there hasn't been a Turbo or the manual gearbox yet. But Porsche is certainly not beyond surprise unveils, and both the PDK-only GT3 as well as the 991.2 4.0 were shown in Switzerland. Let's wait and see...

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