Porsche Cayman GT4 undisguised!

Yep, fair enough: the 718 Cayman GT4 is the worst kept secret in all of automotive, and has been strutting its stuff in front of any lens it can find for what feels like years. On track, on snow and on road, there aren't many places it hasn't been seen. But the extensive testing, and fervent following of that testing, has been for good reason: the 981 GT4 was sensational, and this version needs to be at least the car that was. We want it to be good, Porsches needs it be good - hence the constant papping.

Seeing the car as it will look in the showroom has revealed no great surprises, though the opportunity to look at a car blemished only by tape and bugs remains an exciting one. Points of note here are the chunky rear wing, a noticeably different front end to a 718 - see the vents on the trailing edges, the chunkier intakes and the more aggressive front diffuser - plus new daytime running lights. This particular car is also sporting the ceramic brakes and what could be a Clubsport-spec half cage, this one potentially tasked with setting a Nordschleife lap time. The last car recorded a 7:40, a time Porsche will expect to beat at some point.

Given the work that has gone into making the 4.0-litre flat-six in the 911 Speedster Euro6d compliant, it would have to be assumed that that engine will power the GT4 and upcoming Boxster Spyder. Using a bit of logic - first time for everything on PistonHeads - we'd expect the GT4 to have 410hp. There or thereabouts. The GT3 gained 25hp in the swap from 3.8-litres (albeit a different engine) to 4.0-litres, and applying that to the old GT4's 385hp gives a figure comfortably beyond 400hp and a nice, round 100hp less than the Speedster engine.

Otherwise, there really is nothing else left to say. Honest. The speculation, conjecture and guesswork has been exhausted - all that's left now is to see the car. Sources suggest it'll be at the Festival of Speed in July, which isn't far off now. Whenever it may be, there's a lot of people keen to hear more - and see it in a colour other than black...

Images: S. Baldauf/S.B. Medien


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  • Oz83 22 May 2019

    I think you posted a pic of the old one by mistake

  • Andy83n 22 May 2019

    Consider me whelmed

  • otolith 22 May 2019

    Oh look, a Cayman.

  • Duke of Kidderminster 22 May 2019

    dull looking car, yawn

  • Onehp 22 May 2019

    I'll have one. Dull colour only a plus, let's one get about one business of driving more instead of dealing with the reactions from other road users...

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