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Ford GT | Pic of the Week

Riviera Blue? Exposed tub? Carbon fibre wheels? And you've won the lottery?

By Dafydd Wood / Sunday, September 1, 2019

RM Sotherby's Auburn Fall auction takes place this weekend, with the spotlight firmly on Americana. From a 1958 Pontiac Bonneville to a 1970 Mustang Boss 429, via a Ford-powered De Tomaso Mangusta and a whole slew of Corvettes, if American horsepower is your thing then a flick through their digital catalogue is far from the worst way you could spend 15 minutes today...

No matter the nostalgia attached to the other lots, though, the star of the sale is undoubtedly this 2017 Ford GT. With an estimate of $1.2-1.5m, the car is priced below the $1.8m which a similar example went for last year - but could still fetch up to four times its original $450,000 value. The difference between that sale and this one, however, is that with customer deliveries having kicked off in earnest in early 2017, those early owners are now starting to find themselves freed from Ford's mandatory two year minimum ownership term.

Which means that those Average Joes (with a spare couple of million lying around) not deemed worthy of receiving a car direct from the factory, can now find themselves behind the wheel of the 650hp Le Mans winner without incurring Dearborn's wrath. This car is particularly appealing, thanks in part to its custom $30,000 Riviera Blue paint scheme and $20,000 carbon fibre wheels. It also bears the serial number H040, in honour of its GT40 heritage, and is believed to be the only GT to have left the factory without an NVH panel on the rear bulkhead, leaving the carbon-fibre tub exposed. This was a track-focussed alternative, in line with the car's six-point harnesses and titanium wheel nuts, but was removed from the options list soon after production began.

Even with the cars now for sale on the open market, of course, we can't all own our dream Ford GT. We can get to look at one every day, though, thanks to this fantastic Pic of the Week!

Image: Theodore W. Pieper for RM Auctions

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