BMW M5(s): Pic of the Week

Really, there's no justification required for bringing a trio of M5s together; for more than 30 years now they've been the definitive super saloons, combining amazing engines with lairy dynamics and a certain muscular style that's made them hard to beat. And very easy to love.

So 'because M5' would have been reason enough, but the real logic behind bringing together E39, E60 and the latest F90 Competition was to see just how far the model has evolved since the turn of the century. Ostensibly the current car is a V8 powered, four-door saloon with a sporting bent, just like the M5 was in the year 2000. But you'll know that so much has changed since then also: automatic gearboxes, turbochargers and four-wheel drive being just the start.

The aim, therefore, was to discover whether so much of what was loved about the E39 - and to a similar extent the wild V10 version - has made it to the latest M5. Yes, yes, tough job and so on. It's a feature you can read on PH in the coming days, one for a dark and dingy winter night with a festive drink in hand - even if we do say so ourselves.

It won't spoil anything to say that all three 21st century M5s are superb in their own unique ways, which is why we couldn't limit this Pic of the Week to just one option. See below for a pair of choices, and get downloading now!

Option 1:
Quad HD

Option 2:
Quad HD

Images: Olgun Kordal

P.H. O'meter

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  • HuggyBearFezzy 09 Dec 2018

    I'm looking forward to reading this feature.

  • Elysium 09 Dec 2018

    No F10 ?

  • Niffty951 09 Dec 2018

    My E39 M5 manual was without any doubt one of the best cars I've ever had the pleasure to drive. Effortlessly smooth, dynamically taught, as raw as a 1950's American hot rod if driven on the lock stops, as peaceful and relaxing as a first class flight if pootleing along at 85 in 6th. It excelled expectation in every area except fuel consumption, where my 4.2 supercharged XKR could out pace it in a straight line and yet comfortably achieve 10mpg better in any given drive.

    However, I would still have picked the E34 as the purest form of the M5 recipe. The ultimate criminal with leather soled shoes and a sharp suit.

    ...and why did they stop making manual M5's. It is a sin to take away the driving connection that separated them from fast Mercedes.

  • Baddie 10 Dec 2018

    I’ve had two 3.8 E34’s. Ercole Spada (Aston DB4 Zagato) lines and the original motorsport engine in its ultimate evolution. Had no traction or stability control, and didn’t need it, even in snow. Always exciting to drive anywhere thanks to the incredible throttle response, and relaxing because it was refined and so clear in its communication.

  • Ares 10 Dec 2018

    Niffty951 said:
    ...and why did they stop making manual M5's. It is a sin to take away the driving connection that separated them from fast Mercedes.
    Because nobody bought them....?

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